Scratch Built Leman Russes Painted

Hello all,

I have finished painting the second of my scratch built Leman Russ Exterminators.  These have been through a lengthy journey from the initial build, to a preliminary paint job, then added sponsons and other details, and finally to being fully painted.  I do apologize for the one heavy bolter that’s leaning sideways.  It’s magnet mounted and I didn’t notice it was askew until I uploaded the pictures.  Maybe it’s coming loose on its mountings, or maybe the grots are going gangsta with the tank equivalent of holding your gun sideways… Russ 8-18-14 Russ 8-18-14 (1) Russ 8-18-14 (2) Russ 8-18-14 (3) I also finished painting the weapons for the first Russ.  I decided to go with brass for the multimelta barrels and made use of GW’s Nihilakh Oxide.  I like how it came out. Russ 8-18-14 (4) Russ 8-18-14 (5)Here are the two of them side by side (and bolter skew corrected.) Russ 8-18-14 (6)Next I’ll work on the Devil Dog so I can wrap up the tutorial I made while building it.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my pictures.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them!  Comments are always welcome!

  • Awesome work. They look really impressive paired together in the shots as well.

    • Thanks! I’m very pleased with how the army is coming together. Just 3 more tanks and 3 sentinels to paint then I can move on to the conscript blob…

  • So great! Going to be a wonderful army on the tabletop

    • Thanks! Getting the tanks painted really does pull the army together. I’ll have to post some army shots soon.

  • JD Brink

    WOW. amazing work. the details are fantastic.

    • Thanks! I enjoy working on the details because that is where I can see the model moving from an adequate representation to something with character and a bit of it’s own personality. I’m really having fun with these!

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