Undead vs Nurgle

Cryptkickers vs Bog Port Bloaters for Blood Bowl

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but last night my Undead faced off against a great looking Nurgle team, so I got quite a few pictures and I may as well share them!

Right now we’re in the middle of a season of Blood Bowl at my FLGS. This was my 3rd game of the season and one I knew would be tough. Nurgle is a difficult team to face in general, and I’m trying to relearn the Undead too. So, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the game.

Cryptkickers vs Bog Port Bloaters

John, my Nurgle opponent, opted to kick to me. We got setup, perfect weather, and away we went.

Ready to rumble.

I began my slow slog up the field with my Ghoul carrying the ball. I was driving for the left side of the field, hoping to bust open a gap to run through later.

Starting Drive

I quickly realized, as John moved to shut me down, that I wasn’t getting through the left side. So, I shifted my team to the right where it ultimately got bogged down again.

Time was short, so on turn #7 I shifted to the left again with the few free players I had. I sent my 2nd Ghoul down field where John would put him on his ass.

On turn #8 I had one chance. My ball carrying Ghoul needed to run up, make a 4+ throw, and the other Ghoul had to make a dodge to free up and make a 4+ catch.

I threw an inaccurate pass and the half ended 0-0.

Sad Ghoul
So close.

We setup again and I kicked off. More perfect weather.

John got the ball easily with a Pestigor and drove up on the left side of the line.

John's Drive
The fight begins anew.

I was able to isolate the Pestigor and the cage to start the defensive grind.

Undead Moving In

My Mummies managed to smash their way in, injure a Rotter, and knock the ball loose. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the Mummy caught the bouncing ball on a 6+!

Mummy Has It!
Go, Mummy, go!

It was a very short lived moment as the Warriors were able to take down the Mummy, letting the Pestigor come in to snatch it up.

Pestigor Has It

John shifted to the right to try and break out of the big fight. Ultimately the Pestigor was too slow to get anywhere, and I had marked up his potential receivers.

I did manage to bust the ball loose again, but I had to rely on a Zombie dodging to pick up the ball (with no re-rolls), so the game ended in a tie: 0-0.

Game Over
Fitting ending.

That picture, as John said at the time, sums up the game very well. Both teams down, fighting for the ball, and neither of us getting anywhere.


A damn hard fought game for both of us. I don’t recall a game with so little ball movement. Between the both of us, if this were a real football field, we probably ran 20 yards. I had one incomplete pass, so no yards passing for either of us.

It was a blast though. These are the games I live for where every turn is critical, you’re constantly working out your best play options, and you’re just waiting for one mistake to capture victory.

So, the Cryptkickers are 2 wins and 1 draw so far. The team is leveling up nicely and I was able to snag my 4th Ghoul after the game.

This is the first time I’ve invested in 4 Ghouls, typically relying on just 2. It’s going to open up a lot of options, and maybe next time I face Nurgle I can just run around them instead of trying to go through them.

Oh, if you want to see the team in full then I’ve got a showcase with much better pictures for you to check out.

Also, do check out my article that covers the game if you’ve been interested in checking out Blood Bowl.

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John Jay
John Jay

Great pics! I really enjoyed playing this match even though there wasn’t much in the way of flashy plays or touchdowns. It was such a tactical battle and I think both of us were really having to think super hard about every move and action we made. I know I couldn’t have done much better with my tactics and I was really happy with draw.


Honestly, a slogging match like that with no one getting anywhere feels about as fitting as possible for Nurgle vs. Undead, regardless of the game being played! The Writher works amazingly well as a Blood Bowl player. Much better than the FW turd.


Go Cryptkickers!
That’s two fine looking teams and a very nicely written report on the game.
Thanks for sharing.


Blood bowl is not a game I have got into yet. The minis never appealed to me much (although they are greatly improved nowadays).
Saw some of your updates on Facebook with the undead, but missed the completed post. They look great :)