Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Quiz: Movement & Shooting

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40K 6th Edition QuizOn to the second part of the quiz series for 6th edition, the movement phase. The first quiz is linked to the right in case you missed it.

Here we go.

Question #1) If a unit contains models that have different movement speeds, what must you do? (sorry, this one is hard to word)


Answer #1) Make sure they maintain coherency. (pg. 10)



Question #2) A unit contains 5 models and one of them has a plasma cannon (blast weapon). Every model in the unit moves except for the plasma cannon model. Can the plasma cannon model shoot?


Answer #2) Yes, the effect of movement on shooting is done model-by-model. (pg. 13)



Question #3) Which weapons are not allowed to snap fire?


Answer #3) Templates, ordnance, blasts or any weapon/ability that does not use a BS (ballistic skill). (pg. 13)



Question #4) If a model has a BS of 7 and fails to hit then what roll does it need to hit on its re-roll?


Answer #4) A 5 (pg. 13)



Question #5) You are firing on a unit with a S4 weapon (strength 4). That enemy unit contains 4 models with the following toughness values: 4, 4, 5, 5. What roll do you need to wound the unit?


Answer #5) A 5. There is no majority toughness so you use the highest, a 5, which means a S4 weapon needs a 5 to wound. (pg. 14)



Question #6) You fire on a unit and cause 3 unsaved wounds. The unit is positioned, closest to furthest, with the following models: Ork Boy, Ork Boy with a rokkit, Ork Boy, Nob. Which models are removed as casualties?


Answer #6) Ork Boy, Ork Boy with rokkit and Ork Boy. Saves and casualties are taken from the closest models first. (pg. 15)



Question #7) Your unit fires on another unit that contains 10 models. The enemy unit is positioned such that you can only see 2 of the models in the unit. Your shooting causes 6 wounds. How many enemy models could possibly be removed as casualties?


Answer #7) Just 2. Models that can’t be seen cannot be removed as casualties. (pg. 16)



Question #8) From your shooting there’s a wound has to be allocated on an enemy character. The player decides to do a ‘look out, sir’ roll. What roll is needed for success?


Question #9) A unit fires on an enemy unit who is behind another enemy unit. The unit being fired upon takes wounds and decides to ‘go to ground’. What would the save be for the unit that has gone to ground?


Answer #9) A 4+. Intervening models give a 5+ cover save and going to ground increases your cover save by +1. (pg. 18)



Question #10) In an enemy unit that you are firing upon, 5 of the models are outside of cover while 3 of the models are inside cover. You opt to ‘focus fire’ and choose ‘no cover saves’. How many enemy models could be removed as casualties?


Answer #10) 5 Models. Only those with the save, or worse, than you declared can be taken as casualties. (pg. 19)



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  • Amberclad87

    Question #6. If all the models have the same armor save, you could roll all the saves then take the closest models equal to the amount of failed saves. You don’t have to do it one at a time.

    • Right. I was just trying to get the closest models are removed as casualties aspect in there. Guess I’ll reword that one.

  • RayJ

    Question 8 needs to be corrected, as the second half of the question is in the hidden block.

    • Doh! Thanks for catching that. It’s fixed now.

  • BenitoSenence

    Great quiz Thor! Testing makes better players

    • Thanks and I agree.

  • Good Quiz.

  • Tstops

    I’m just now learning 6th edition. I haven’t played since 3rd. I’m confused about 6th edition intervening units. The book says you can shoot through a friendly 3rd party unit but to treat intervening enemies as the initial threat. Does that mean you can’t shoot through intervening enemy units?

    • You can so long as you have line of sight through the enemy unit. Basically 6th edition works on true line of sight for anything.

  • Thor, these are really great …. thanks very much for doing these. I have an unclear question for you and am interested in your opinion. Do you feel that characters can use “Fast Shot” on gun emplacements (battlefield debris) in addition to using it on emplaced guns (buildings)?

    I don’t think they can, using the following logic. Under “buildingsgun emplacements” it specifically says that (p.96) “all relevant special rules from the firing model” are used. It also says that emplaced guns (buildings) can fire at BS 2 when no one is in the building. For gun emplacements (battlefield debris, p.105) it says “one model … can fire it instead of his own weapon, following the normal rules for shooting.”

    Clearly, this is more shoddy editing on GW’s part, but it’s not addressed in any FAQ that I can find. But the special rules like Fast Shot are used for the character’s own weapons, and it seems that, because it’s specifically addressed under buildings but not under battlefield debris, to think that your character can use Fast Shot on a gun emplacement would require creating a rule that doesn’t exist.

    What do you think?


    • I would agree. One entry clearly states special rules from the model are used (emplacements), the other (debris), does not make that same distinction.

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