Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Quiz: Preliminary Stuff

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40K 6th Edition QuizWhat better time to do another quiz series than the introduction of Warhammer 40K 6th edition? I’ve done a handful of these over the years and people seem to enjoy them.

This first one is what I call the preliminary stuff. Those items of general note that come before the various phases of the game. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Question #1) A model has a weapon that doubles its strength as well as a special rule that confers a +1 to its strength on the turn it charges. What would the strength of that model’s attacks be on the charge if it has a base strength of 4?


Answer #1) It would be 9. You apply multipliers first and then any additions or subtractions next, so (4 x 2) + 1 = 9. (pg. 2)



Question #2) If a model has a WS (weapon skill), of 0 then on what roll would that model be hit in close combat?


Answer #2) The model would be automatically hit. (pg. 3)



Question #3) If a model was reduced to a toughness value of 0 what would that mean?


Answer #3) The model would be removed as a casualty. (pg. 3)



Question #4) A unit contains three models and the unit needs to take a characteristic test on its initiative. The three models have the following initiative values: 5, 4 and 4. What roll would be required for the unit to pass this initiative characteristic test?


Answer #4) A 5 or less. You need to roll at or under the characteristic being tested and in a unit of mixed values you use the highest value in the unit. (pg. 7)



Question #5) Do models in a unit block one another’s line of sight to a target unit they want to fire on?


Answer #5) No. (pg. 8)



This was a short one and likely a very easy one for veterans. I’ll be doing these in order so next up will be the movement phase.

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  • Zaid Hussain

    Yessss, 5/5. I love these quizzes. Best way for me to practice old/new rules.

    • It also works to make sure I know the rules well too. I can’t very well offer up a quiz and give wrong answers!

  • Sav

    Quick one on q2. Any chance of a page ref. in the rule book? Had a quick look but can’t find it.

    • I meant to go back and do that, thanks for the reminder. So, page references are now on each answer.

      • Sav

        Thanks Thor, I knew what it would imply but could find it. A quick google brought me here. Also a few of the other questions got me thinking and double checking the rule book properly. Thanks for the heads up, as a few friends I play against are confusing some of the old rules with the new ones at present :)

    • Sav

      Page 3 must have skipped past that :) I was expecting it to be in line with previous editions but the rules lawyer in me was getting impatient.

  • The Angry Templar

    I’ll admit, I didn’t know the Toughness one. I don’t think I’ve ever had that come up in any of my games!

    • It’s very situational and I have yet to see it arise in a game.

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