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Battle Reports

First hand reports by the gamers of their tabletop experience. Some reports are text, others are image heavy and some are in video format.


Battle Review: Disciples of Twilight vs Eldar

On Wednesday my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, faced off against Eldar in a 1,500 game of 40K. I brought along a list I’ve been toying with for Fratris Salutem, a 40K event this spring, that features my Warpsmith, Grimtech. The list can be seen here: I knew from…Read More


Battle Review: 1,000pt 40K Tournament

Saturday was a 40K tournament at my LGS at 1,000pts. I brought along my Disciples of Twilight, Chaos Marines, and ran this list. The idea with the list was something fun and themed as I’m aiming towards getting a list finalized for Fratris Salutem, a spring 40K tournament. My first…Read More

Kill Team

Battle Review: My First Kill Team

Last night at my LGS we played a Kill Team tournament. This was my first experience with it so I was excited to see how the new system played out. I brought a really simple list. Hell, any list is really simple I guess when you have 200pts and restrictions…Read More

Forge World Mars Unification Wars

Battle Review: Disciples of Twilight vs Rebel Grots

Last night I got to play against Kamui’s Rebel Grots (counts-as Imperial Guard), with my Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Marines). We’re both working out lists for the spring event, Fratris Salutem, and both experimenting. We played one of my missions, Battlefield Superiority, where the primary mission is table quarters, secondary…Read More

Khorne Icon

Tournament Report: Disciples of Twilight @ 1,500

This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament. I decided to try something different and bring along a Khorne heavy force. The list is here but bear in mind it was built for fun, not optimized competitive play. I wanted to get a Land Raider in my list to check…Read More