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Lots of articles covering battle reports, army lists and even Warhammer 40K custom missions.

Kill Team

Battle Review: My First Kill Team

Last night at my LGS we played a Kill Team tournament. This was my first experience with it so I was excited to see how the new system played out. I brought a really simple list. Hell, any list is really simple I guess when you have 200pts and restrictions…Read More


IG for Fratris Salutem: The Rebel Grots Go It Alone

Hello all, My first Rebel Grot Veteran Squad is just a couple of ink washes away from being complete.  I might have them done in time for a mid week update.  Instead of posting pictures that will look almost identical to the finished ones I figured I would use today…Read More

Crimson Fist Scout

CFKT II: Crimson Fist Kill Teams part 2

I can spend hours coming up with kill team combos and cool black-ops characters to fill the most important spots on the roster.  Here’s a few characters I came up with so far (by no means an exhaustive list): Warhawk.  There’s nothing in this sector that walks, crawls, or dies…Read More

Forge World Mars Unification Wars

Battle Review: Disciples of Twilight vs Rebel Grots

Last night I got to play against Kamui’s Rebel Grots (counts-as Imperial Guard), with my Disciples of Twilight (Chaos Marines). We’re both working out lists for the spring event, Fratris Salutem, and both experimenting. We played one of my missions, Battlefield Superiority, where the primary mission is table quarters, secondary…Read More

Chaos Warpsmith

Chaos Warpsmith: Working Him Into Lists

I absolutely love this model, the Warpsmith. It’s too bad it’s Finecast but it’s a great looking model. Ever since I saw the model I wanted to work the Warpsmith into my lists. I did run him once, had pretty good luck, and set aside the idea for a while…Read More

Crimson Fists

CFKT I: Crimson Fist Kill Teams (part 1)

With the revision and republication of the 40K Kill Team rules comes a second wind for me in playing my Crimson Fists.  (Well, the new codex helped a little bit too.)  Actually, Kill Teams offers a new opportunity to play a lot of different armies, even more so than the Allies rules,…Read More