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Battle Report

These are our battle reports for our games of Warhammer 40K.

Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Tyranids

This past Saturday was supposed to be a 1,600 Warhammer 40K tournament at my LGS but only three of us showed. Well, a fourth later showed but after someone already bailed so the tournament was scraped. However, since we were there I played against Andrew and his Tyranids. I was…Read More

Battle Review: Orks vs Chaos

This is more of a battle review than report as the game proved very one-sided. I had my Orks for my second game with them under their new codex and played against Khorne Inquisitor and his Chaos Daemons with Chaos Space Marine allies. In my continuing effort to stay focused…Read More

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

Friday night Kamui and I played a game for the Maine Warhammer 40K League. He of course had his Rebel Grots, counts-as Astra Militarum, and I had my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. We rolled up the Maelstrom mission where you always have 3 Tactical Objective Cards and it’s…Read More

Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons

Last night my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight, played a game against Chaos Daemons. I’m still experimenting and brought a list to try out a Sorcerer in Terminator armor with Terminators as well as a Defiler. Now that I don’t have to make the choice of casting or running…Read More