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Space Hulk

Into the Unknown: The Space Hulk

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Disciples of Twilight

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Disciples of TwilightAt my LGS we started doing a Warhammer 40K campaign that’s an escalation style with each week having slightly larger games and your primary HQ and primary troop choice getting stat boosts as the campaign progresses. I thought…Read More

Crimson Fist Scout

CFKT II: Crimson Fist Kill Teams part 2

I can spend hours coming up with kill team combos and cool black-ops characters to fill the most important spots on the roster.  Here’s a few characters I came up with so far (by no means an exhaustive list): Warhawk.  There’s nothing in this sector that walks, crawls, or dies…Read More


Site News: Adding Video to the Repertoire

Something I’ve always wanted to get more of on Creative Twilight is videos. These days more and more people prefer to get their content delivered in video format and I’m not one to argue as I enjoy them as well. Thus far I’ve only shot one video, a battle report…Read More

Chaos Marines Engagements

Battle Report: Chaos vs Imperial Guard & Orks

Last night Kamui and I got in a game to play test our lists for the Standoff. I needed to finally decide on a list so I know what I need to get painted and Kamui is in the same boat as well. The list I was testing was this…Read More

The Usual Suspects: Chaos Marine List, 1250 pts

It seems fitting that I’d come by to post this little blurb at this time, just as everyone else is talking about their chaos armies.  I have here what I thought would be a fun and well-balanced list for 1250 points, complete with mugshots and favored by the Prince of…Read More