40K 5th Edition: I Knew You Well

40K 5th EditionThere’s no denying that 6th edition for 40K is around the corner. The rulebooks for 5th are now off the shelves and maybe in a few weeks GW will finally throw us a bone of information about what we’ll be expecting in the newest rule set and I honestly can’t wait.

I started 40K in 4th edition. I played in 4th for about 1.5 years before the change to 5th. Despite a reasonable time period in 4th edition, I really didn’t play all that many games. At that stage I was playing 40K once a month or every other month. I knew the rules but I can’t say I was intimately familiar with them and that made the change over to 5th a pretty easy transition for me.

5th Edition is the first rule set I’ve played through in full, or will have I should say. We’ve all had almost 4-years of 5th edition and I hundreds of games in it. Like many, I personally really enjoy 5th edition and thought it made a lot of good changes without a lot of drastic alterations to a rule set we all knew, assuming you played 4th. If you were new to 40K then 5th edition was pretty easy to pick up, or at least easier than prior editions. It’s going to be tough seeing it go.

That being said, I am excited to see what 6th edition brings. There are tons of rumors, that mysteriously ‘leaked’ 6th edition PDF and no shortage of speculation. I’m paying little attention to that though. It’s too easy to get absorbed in rumors and possibly let them sour you on an edition that has yet to hit the shelves. Conversely, have you look forward to changes you expect and not see them and become disappointed. I don’t want to pick up the new rulebook thinking I know exactly what lays within and looking through it trying to see how many of the rumors, if any, were valid.

My plan is simple, wait for official information and the actual rulebook and treat it as if I were new to the game. It will be easy to jump to conclusions, and hard not to, when reading through it for the first time and comparing it to 5th edition. I intend to avoid that however and keep an open mind. I’ll play through it to really see the impact. Honestly, it’s all any of us can do.

I’m also looking forward to the influx of articles we’ll see everywhere as everyone digests the new rules. The 40K blogosphere will once again be alight with 40K articles, which will be a welcomed change to the current state of stagnation. No doubt we’ll be putting up our share of articles as well. There’s really nothing like a new edition of rules to get everyone excited and minds churning once again. New rules always reinvigorate the community and are essential to keeping players interested in the game. I can’t wait.


  • JustHippie

    I feel like I’m just getting 5th edition down and now 6th. I really hope it doesn’t turn things completely on it’s head. I agree 5th is a blast and that rumored 6th PDF a while back was pretty crazy.
    Just like the weather, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I’m with you. I’ll take it in when it gets here, but until then I assume that whatever anyone has put out is chum to churn the waters, that’s it.

  • bkbutlerme

    I look forward to the new rules set, and hope they don’t get too complicated.

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