40K 7th Edition Quiz: The Assault Phase

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Pardon the hiatus on this series. I had forgotten about it honestly and wasn’t sure anyone was bothering with the quizzes.

Anyway, let’s get back into it with the assault phase. I’m skipping over the Weapons section as it isn’t very quiz worthy. Also, I’m trying to focus on the areas that are altered from 6th edition.

Are you allowed to declare a charge against a unit that you are unable to hurt?

Yes (pg. 45)


How do you handle charging through Difficult Terrain?

Roll 2D6″ for charge range and subtract 2 from the result. (pg. 46 & 47)


You charge a unit of yours through Difficult Terrain at an enemy unit that has Gone to Ground. Do you suffer the initiative penalty for this charge?

No (pg. 47)


What happens if after Pile In moves the two fighting units are not in base contact?

The combat comes to an end. (pg. 49)


Can models from a unit in close combat that are not engaged be removed as casualties from the combat?

Yes (pg. 52)


Do wounds caused by Overwatch count towards combat resolution?

No (pg. 52)


When performing a charge for a Multi-combat, a charging model is not permitted to move into base contact with a model in the secondary unit if what?

It is able to make base contact with an unengaged model in the primary target. (pg. 55)


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  • JD Brink

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed on the new combat stuff!

  • Point #7 is an important one and can be easily overlooked. It’s also important to remember that models must make base contact with an enemy model if possible and that they may not move out of unit coherency. This means that if the secondary target is not close to the primary one you will have to base the primary target with enough of your models to block the rest of you unit before you can start floating models to create a coherency chain to the secondary target.

    • Yeah, multi-combats are definitely harder now than they were before. 5th Edition had it like this, though even harder with a few more stipulations, then 6th made it super easy and now 7th swung between the two. I find multi-combats is where a lot of mistakes happen.

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