40K 7th Edition Quiz: Characters

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This is the final installment in the 40K 7th edition rules quiz series. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed it and learned something from it.

If a unit only consists of charaters, can a Look Out, Sir attempt still be made?

Yes (pg. 100)


What is the penalty for refusing a challenge?

The nominated character cannot strike blows and his Leadership cannot be used for the unit for the remainder of that phase (pg. 101)


Can a unit that only consists of a single character refuse a challenge?

No (pg. 101)


If a character is slain in a challenge and there are excess wounds, what happens to those wounds?

They are allocated to the nearest enemy model(s) also locked in the combat (pg. 102)


What type of test must another character make in order to perform a Glorious Intervention?

Initiative test (pg. 103)



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  • So close Thor…I was so close to passing this one. Missed the last one :). I’ve really enjoyed these. Thanks for making them!

    • Glorious Intervention is something I think I’ve done once since introduced in 6th. Not exactly an every day rule, which is the type of stuff I like to test on.

      Glad you enjoyed these. They are a TON of work to put together. I just wish more would have shared their thoughts on these.

      • As you are well aware, most of the net likes to read and lurk, and not actually comment. I think for every 1000 page views, i get an average of one comment!

        • True enough but it sucks.

  • These are a good way to sharpen up on the rules. It might even be worth re-posting them every now and then, maybe with updates to include funky rules you’ve come across since the first posting.

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