40K 7th Edition Quiz: Models, Principles & Movement

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It’s time again for the rulebook quiz series and this time for Warhammer 40K 7th edition. I have done these since 5th edition and people seem to enjoy them, and I do as well. With 7th having been out for almost two weeks now, hopefully people have managed to read it through and are ready to test their rules knowledge retention.

Going forward I’m going to try to focus on the rules that have varied since 6th edition but this part in the quiz series is your basic stuff. I could probably skip over it but for the sake of completeness I’ll cover it.

This particular quiz is small and pretty easy for any veteran. I’d like to throw a few hard ones in here but there isn’t much to work with in the early sections.

Models & Units, General Principles and Movement Phase Quiz

What is the only characteristic that can be raised above 10?

Attacks (pg. 8)


A unit contains 9 models with an initiative (I), of 4 and a single model with I5. The unit is required to take an initiative test. What roll is required to pass the initiative test?

5 or less (pg. 12)


An infantry unit comes under fire and casualties cause it to lose coherency. In their turn they move but are unable to get into coherency. The unit wants to fire at the enemy in their shooting phase, can they?

No. They must run to gain coherency. (pg. 19)


What is the unit coherency distance when measured vertically?

6″ (pg. 19)


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  • TheRhino

    The 6″ vertical range for coherency was an interesting change for 7th.

    • Yeah, seems a bit odd but it works out well. It wasn’t often but sometimes it would be tricky getting into large pieces of terrain while keeping coherency.

      • TheRhino

        Exactly. I know of several terrain pieces at the shop that will actually be worth using now. Some of the towers and buildings can be stood upon by a couple models that can benefit from the improved fire lanes, while the remainder can stay on the ground and be meatshields.

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