40K 7th Edition Quiz: The Psychic Phase

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Moving on the second part in the Warhammer 40K 7th edition quiz series is the psychic phase. It’s a small section in the rules but it’s brand new to 40K and has a lot of nuances. This quiz will likely be one of the tougher ones.

Let’s get on with it.

What power does a psyker get for free if one or more of his weapons have the Force special rule?

Force (pg. 22)



What is Psychic Focus?

If a psyker generates all his powers from the same psychic discipline then he is said to have Psychic Focus. That psyker automatically gains the primaris power for free from that discipline. (pg. 22)



A player has two psykers on the table, an M1 (mastery level), psyker and an M3 psyker. In his psychic phase he rolls a D6 and gets a 3. How many dice is in his Warp Charge Pool?

7 Dice. One for each psyker mastery plus the D6 result. (pg. 24)



What is the only type of psychic power a psyker can use when embarked upon a transport?

Witchfire and then only if the transport has fire points. (pg. 25)



A psyker is attempting to manifest a Warp Charge 1 power and rolls 2 dice. What roll is needed for the power to go off successfully?

At least a single die having a 4+ (pg. 25)



A psyker tries to cast a power that is 2 Warp Charges and rolls 4 dice. His rolls results in: 4, 6, 6, 6. What does the psyker suffer the result of?

Perils of the Warp (pg. 25)



You are attempting to Deny the Witch against a power not cast against you. Your opponent cast a Warp Charge 1 power and rolled 3 dice resulting in: 2, 4, 5. What do you need to roll in order to Deny the Witch?

At least two dice resulting in a 6+ (pg. 25-26)



A unit of yours is targeted by a Malediction. Your unit has the Adamantium Will special rule and has a psyker that's M2. The enemy psyker is an M1 psyker and casts a Warp Charge 1 power and rolls: 6, 3, 1. What do you need to roll to Deny the Witch?

At least a single die resulting in a 3+ (pg. 26)



What does a Psychic Hood do?

It allows for a psyker who has one to attempt to Deny the Witch in place of any friendly unit within 12″ of him. The exception being if embarked on a vehicle or in a building. In that case he may only use the Psychic Hood to deny against that vehicle or building. (pg. 25-26)



What are the four primary types of psychic powers?

Blessing, Conjuration, Malediction and Witchfire. (pg. 26-27)



Your psyker is trying to manifest a Malefic power and is not a daemon. On what result does he suffer Perils of the Warp?

Any that includes a double. (pg. 28)



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