40K 7th Edition Quiz: The Shooting Phase

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We’ve already covered the preliminary stuff and the psychic phase (both linked to the right here), so it’s on to the shooting phase portion of the quiz.

This is another relatively small section of the book so this is a quick one.

If a shooting attack does not use ballistic skill (BS), can it be fired as a snap shot?

No (pg. 33)


If a model has a BS7 and rolls to hit and fails then what roll result would it need on its re-roll to hit?

5+ (pg. 33)


You have a rapid fire weapon with a range of 24 inches and you rapid fire (12 inches). What would be considered out of range for allocating wounds?

Anything over the weapon maximum range of 24″ (pg. 35)


Your unit fires on an enemy model and causes wounds. In your unit 9 of the 10 models that fired can see the enemy model clearly but 1 model has an obscured view, the enemy is 25% covered. Does the enemy model get a cover save?

Yes. If it is 25% obscured from the view of at least one model firing it gets a cover save. (pg. 37)


Can a unit that has gone to ground fire overwatch?

No (pg. 38)


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