40K 7th Edition Quiz: Unit Types

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I’m trying to keep up with these quizzes so here we are at unit types.

Most of these are pretty simple if they are units you frequently use but some armies don’t have all unit types and so I figured I’d go for a longer quiz here to test every single unit type.

Can Bikes or Jetbikes go to ground?

No (pg. 63)


How far does a Jetbike turbo-boost?

Up to 24″ (pg. 63)


Can an Artillery unit move?

Yes, as long as it has one crewman per-gun (pg. 64)


Can you allocate a Look Out Sir roll onto a gun model?

No (pg. 64)


If a Jump model uses its jump pack to charge into assault then what benefit does it gain?

It can re-roll the charge range and gets Hammer of Wrath (pg. 65)


A Jet Pack model can move how far in the assault phase with a Thrust Move?

2D6″ (pg. 66)


What special rule do Beasts have?

Fleet (pg. 67)


What special rule does Calvary have?

Fleet and Hammer of Wrath (pg. 67)


How many weapons can a Monstrous Creature fire?

Two (pg. 67)


If a Flying Monstrous Creature changes flight modes from swooping to gliding can it charge that turn?

No (pg. 68)


On what roll do Flying Monstrous Creatures fail their Grounding Test?

On a 1-2 rolled on a D6 (pg. 69)


If a wound is inflicted to a Gargantuan Creature that has the Instant Death special rule what happens?

It instead inflicts D3 wounds (pg. 71)


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  • Aaron Dunn

    Awesome, learnt a couple of things I didn’t know before… Thank you. More questions please.

    • Glad you liked it. Did you check out all the other 7th quizzes linked at the top of the article?

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