40K 7th Edition Quiz: Vehicles (Part #2)

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Now for the next part of the vehicles section covering Transports, Flyers and Chariots.

There will be at least a third part to the vehicles section of the quiz, maybe a fourth. The vehicles section is one of the largest in the rulebook and covers a large range of things within it. Instead of just plowing through I’ll continue to break it up.

What special rule do units gain while embarked upon a transport?

Fearless. (pg. 80)


If a vehicle uses Smoke Launchers, can the unit embarked fire out of the vehicle - assuming it has fire points?

No. (pg. 80)


Can a unit that was embarked on a transport, which was destroyed in the enemy shooting phase, charge in their turn?

No, unless it was an assault vehicle. (pg. 81)


What must an embarked unit do at the end of a phase where their transport suffered a Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, Weapon Destroyed or Immobilized result?

Take a leadership test. If they fail then they may only snap fire on their turn. (pg. 82)


What happens if a flyer is unable to move at least 18 inches in its turn?

It is wrecked. (pg. 84)


If a flyer takes an immobilized result from shooting, what happens?

Roll a D6. On a 1-2 the flyer will Crash and Burn. On a 3+ it is treated as Crew Stunned instead. (pg. 85)


Is a rider allowed to disembark from its Chariot?

No. (pg. 86)


A unit fires upon a chariot and scores some hits. The hits are from two types of weapons and two dice pools are created. What must the Chariot player now do?

Allocate those hit pools to either the rider or the Chariot. (pg. 86)


How does Hammer of Wrath for a Chariot differ from normal?

It gets D6 additional attacks that are resolved at Strength 6 AP -. (pg. 87)


Can a Chariot be Immobilized?

No. It treats Immobilized results as Crew Stunned. (pg. 87)


What special rules does a Chariot grant the rider?

Fearless and Relentless. (pg. 87)


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  • These are great Thor. It’s a great way to test your knowledge of 7th. I def got #2 wrong!

    • Thanks. It’s a bit of work to put together so I’m glad they’re enjoyed.

      I do try and pick the rules that I feel many people get wrong or are fuzzy on, like #2. Wouldn’t be much of a quiz if I covered things people know well!

  • Suijin

    What about #3 where the transport explodes. The passengers never actually RAW disembark, they are placed where the vehicle was. (pg. 82)

    • There’s an argument to be made by RAW, however, in 6th edition it was worded exactly the same way and the 6th FAQ said you could not charge in that case either. We don’t have a 7th FAQ yet, so I suppose you could try it if you wanted but it will not doubt be covered shortly to be inline with how 6th did it. My thought it just play it the way it was knowing it will be that way soon.

  • Gam Es

    These are great, but Vehicle test #2 Question 3 lead to the question can they even move? Also another huge change and Quiz line possible that we have spent days discussing is the changes to Template! which now states it hits everything under template, and no longer states what you can see under template.

    • Assuming they pass their pinning test, yes they could move normally.

      I’ll have to check on the template with levels part. I don’t have my rulebook on me at the moment.

      Once you emergency disembark you can do nothing further for that turn. In the following turn you would be back to normal.

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