40K 7th Edition Quiz: Vehicles (Part #3)

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Now for the third and final part of the quiz on vehicles. I could easily make this two more quizzes but I’ll instead do one long one to move beyond this huge section in the rulebook.

What is the fastest speed in which a Heavy vehicle can move?

Combat speed/6″ (pg. 88)


How many weapons can a Fast vehicle fire if it moves at cruising speed?

Two normally and the rest can snap fire. (pg. 88)


How far can a Fast Skimmer move if it goes Flat Out?

18″ (pg. 89)


If a Walker is immobilized and it is charged, can it fire Overwatch?

Only if the charging unit is in the Walker’s weapon arc. (pg. 90)


What effect does a Stunned result from the Vehicle Damage Table have against a Walker that is in close combat?

It fights with one less attack. (pg. 91)


Can a Walker perform a Death or Glory attack if it is rammed?

No. (pg. 91)


If a unit is already Falling Back and is then Tank Shocked, what happens?

The unit automatically fails its Morale Check. (pg. 92)


What results are needed to successfully stop a vehicle using a Death or Glory attack?

Crew Stunned, Immobilized, Wrecked or Explodes!. (pg. 92)


How do you determine the strength of a hit from a vehicle Ramming another vehicle?

Half the armor value (rounding up), on the facing impacted. Add +1 if the vehicle is a tank. Add +2 if the vehicle is a Heavy, Super-heavy or Building. (pg. 93)


Can a Super-heavy vehicle Jink?

No. (pg. 94)


A Super-heavy vehicle that is a transport suffers Catastrophic Damage. What is the profile of the hits resolved against the occupants of the vehicle?

S10 AP2. (pg. 94)


What does a result of 6 on the Stomp Table do if it hits a vehicle?

The vehicle scatters D6″ and then Explodes!. (pg. 96)


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  • Haha! I didn’t know about the vehicle stomp one. That’s hilarious!

    • Me either. I knew what a 6 against infantry did but not a vehicle. I thought it was great too, which is why I put in as a question :)

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