40K 7th Edition Quiz: Vehicles (Part #1)

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It’s been a bit of a break again but I’m back with the vehicle quiz for Warhammer 40K 7th edition. This one will just cover the vehicles section, which is to say all vehicles in general. The next ones will break down transport, flyers, skimmers, etc.

What happens to a vehicle if it fails a Dangerous Terrain check?

It becomes immobilized and losses a hull point. (pg. 73)


A vehicle that moved at Combat Speed may fire how many weapons?

One normally and the rest can snap shoot. (pg. 73)


Where do vehicles draw line of sight from when they fire?

The weapon itself, along the barrel. (pg. 74)


A model is standing in the front facing of a vehicle and fires a blast weapon. The blast weapon scatters and lands on the rear of the vehicle. Which armor facing is the shot resolved against?

Front facing. (pg. 75)


What is the result of a 5 on the Vehicle Damage Chart?

Weapon destroyed. (pg. 76)


Does a vehicle gain a cover save just by being inside terrain?

No. The facing must be 25% obscured. (pg. 77)


Vehicles are considered weapon skill what in close combat?

WS1 (pg. 78)


If a vehicle squadron has a vehicle within it that becomes immobilized, what option does the squadron have?

The squadron can abandon the immobilized vehicle. (pg. 79)


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