Warhammer 40K Beginners Quiz #1: Preliminary Stuff

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Beginners QuizI had a lot of success with the last rules quiz I did, which you can check out here. Between the success of the last one and my continued desire to help newer players with the game, I figured I’d do a quiz aimed at beginners. These quizzes are intended to ensure that newer players have the basics down and can play a game with confidence. So, here we go:

Question #1: Can you re-roll the result of something more than once?

Question #2: What size bases should your models be mounted on?

Question #3: What are the different unit types?

Question #4: If called upon to make a characteristic test, let’s say an initiative test for a Space Marine who is I4, what roll is required to pass the test?

Question #5: If a Space Marine is LD10 and needs to make a leadership test then what roll is required to pass the test?

Question #6: What are the three phases that comprise a player turn?


Answer #1:No, you can never re-roll a re-roll.Answer #2: The bases provided with the models. To use any other size requires the permission of your opponent.

Answer #3: Infantry, beasts and cavalry, monstrous creatures, jump infantry, artillery, bikes and jetbikes and vehicles.

Answer #4: You need to roll a D6 and get a result that is equal to or under the characteristic value, so in this case you need to roll a 4 or less.

Answer #5: You need to roll 2D6 and get a 10 or less.

Answer #6: Movement, shooting and assault.


More coming next week!

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