40K Campaign Event: Fratris Salutem – May 18th, 2013

Fratris Salutem 2013I’ve mentioned over the past few months the spring event being held at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine which we’ve decided to call Fratris Salutem. Well, the time has come to get the packet out there and drive some interest!

The packet will explain all of this but I’ll quickly go over it. The event is a campaign style tournament. Instead of showing up to beat face and claim first prize, you’ll be participating in a story driven event that pits the forces of Chaos against the Imperium to decide which side prevails. The focus is on that conflict and the missions are written to follow the story and not on balance between two players.

We wanted to try something different this year and make this spring event stand out from the annual Standish Standoff. We’re really hoping people enjoy this departure from the norm and this becomes an annual event all its own. I realize this style may not suit everyone and really that’s half the intent. Hopefully we can bring in players who have never been to the shop and have always wanted to participate in something like this. We have our monthly tournaments focused on battle points for victory, the Standish Standoff that’s a more hobby oriented event while still rewarding game play, and now an event that focuses on two sides and less on individuals.

You can find the packet here but also it is on the forums here. The forums will be the location to get the most updated information and to ask any questions. This article is to get the information out there, not as a resource for the event itself.

I’m really looking forward to this event and I’m hoping you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

  • I’m a little bummed we can’t take allies as I was hoping to bring the grots along. Other than that I am looking forward this. The team aspect should be very interesting and the painting competitions always bring out some sweet models!

    • Yeah, we wanted to avoid the non-fluffy allies since it’s a themed event. Instead of trying to work out an allowable set of allies, and still annoying people, we opted to just remove them.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think it was the right call. There are a few combos that just don’t fit the scenario and a partial ban is a slippery slope.

    • JustHippie

      You’ll have to come to the April monthly and bring the Grots out to play. Or you could just use them for your painting entries in May.

      • Yeah, I am planning to bring them for the painting competition. If I can make it to the April monthly they’ll be on the table for certain.

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