40K Custom Missions: Site Update

Warhammer 40K MissionsI have created a lot of custom missions for 40K. At one point I used to post those missions on the blog here but later changed over to using Google Drive to store the missions as it’s far better suited as a distribution method. However, the problem is that once I did that I also stopped posting about the missions here and letting the community know about updates to those missions.

So, I have gone ahead and changed things around a bit here to put attention back on those missions I’ve written. I have created a page that lists every mission I’ve created, the version and when it was last updated. Other than following that link, it’s also in the site menu under Gaming->40K Missions List. Going forward I will put up blog posts when I add a new mission to the list or update an existing one.  That is also in the site menu under Gaming->40K Missions News.

I would like to think this is a great community resource and in turn deserves a bit more prominence than I have given it the past year or so.

  • For those who don’t know, Thor’s missions are used for most of the events at our FLGS and widely used for the weekly 40k nights. They are well written, play tested, and refined based on feedback from the other regular players. They’re worth a try if you’re looking for something beyond the book missions.

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