40K FAQ Update!

40K FAQHello all,

For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, GW has updated their 40k FAQs, including one for the core rule book.

A couple of highlights I’ve noticed so far:

-Character units are gone, the core rulebook removed the character rule from nobs, nob warbikers, Wolf Guard, Paladins, and Crisis Shas’vre.  There’s a designer’s note that nobs, nob warbikers, Wolf Guard, and Crisis Shas’vre that are leading a unit gain the character rule.

-Look out Sir now transfers the wound to the friendly model nearest the character.

-A flyer suffering locked velocity is locked at the exact distance moved the prior turn,

-Winged CSM Demon Princes are now Flying Monsterous Creatures

-Howling Banshees can’t have power axes

-Flying MCs that are grounded by shooting immediately lose Hard to Hit

There’s quite a bit there, so check it out.  These are the ones that stuck out to me because I’ve had discussions about them recently.

  • Just got done going through it, damn, a lot to absorb there.

    Funny, the vehicle immobilizing itself from dangerous terrain came up on Wednesday. Amish asked if it lost a hull point and the BRB didn’t seem to indicate it did. Didn’t matter to me but at least now we know.

    Definitely a few smaller items like that which caught my eye but you hit the high points, at least as far as I’m concerned. Though I’ll add that units/models charging through terrain that don’t roll for it, IE: Wraiths, Fiends, etc, DO strike at I1 and not normal initiative even though they didn’t have to roll distance. That’s a pretty big impact.

    As for Chaos Princes being FMCs with wings, so fucking happy. Daemon players will cry since Chaos wings are sooo much cheaper and also grant flight; can’t entirely blame them either. Now it’s time to redraw up some lists and try out two flying Princes.

    • I figured you’d be happy with that one! I also noticed that Demon weapons are AP2 but not unwieldy. And if you ally in some demons, at least some of your icons can bring them in accurately.

      They clarified that Bjorn has 3 HP, which isn’t a surprise. They also made him a character so I guess he can challenge/be challenged now.

      I’m glad they’ve updated these relatively quickly, and they seem to have hit most of the contentious items I can think of. It’s a good sign of things to come, I hope.

      Their editors have failed as usual though. There are lot of duplicated entries and entries backed against each other. And then there’s this gem:
      Q: If a model makes a Pile In move which brings it into base contact with a model with a lash whip, does it then fight at its normal Initiative step or must it wait until the Initiative 1 step? (p83)
      A: It fights at its normal Initiative 1 step.

      • Swooping FMC can Skyfire and make Vector Strikes on flyers. Another boost to your now flying princes.

      • Yeah, in the entry for flyers and FMCs regarding snap shots and being hard to hit, they referred to a ‘gliding’ FMC and not a ‘swooping’ one. I guess if I put wings on him you need 6’s to him no matter how slow/fast I move!

  • stealthystealth

    Some pretty big changes here, with LOS. Also the whole line not hitting a flyer. I totally agree with that and it was a big stretch to make it happen.

    I am pretty happy with the FAQ on a whole.

    • Agreed. This FAQ set clears up a lot of grey areas.

  • TheRhino

    The flyer locked velocity thing was updated yet again…now it’s a full 36″! They have a 1.0a BRB FAQ out on the GW page now.

    • Wow, that is a quick update! It looks like ‘Locked Velocty’ will suck as much for flyers as ‘Immobilized’ does for other vehicles.

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