40K Narrative Event: Early Stages of Planning

Luna WolvesMy FLGS, Crossroad Games, hosts two large annual events for 40K. We have the Standish Standoff in the fall and then in the spring we have another one. The last name of the spring event being the April Assault, though the name will be different this year, as will the event.

Last spring was the first time we ran that 40K event and it was basically a mini version of the larger Standish Standoff. This year we decided to do something different; something to set this a part from the Standoff. I had an idea. I saw in a YouTube video where instead of a tournament they had a HUGE 40K event that was basically the Heresy being played out. It wasn’t a day of seeing who could climb to the top, it was about having a good time with fellow players and seeing which side would be victorious. Here’s the video if you’re interested. It’s pretty cool.

I volunteered to be the head judge of the event. Basically we take turns, of those willing to volunteer, running these events so that no player misses more than one in a row. It was my idea and only seemed fitting that I volunteer for it.

The fluff basis for the event is something I’m working out and any help on the subject would be great. My basic idea revolves around the 2nd and 11th legions, the ‘missing’ legions. From what I’ve read it’s speculated that the 13th legion, the Ultramarines, took on the Marines from the 2nd and 11th legion as their size swelled prior to the Heresy. Of course nobody knows for sure what happened to the 2nd and 11th but it’s been strongly hinted at in the Black Library books for the Heresy that the Space Wolves destroyed at least one of the legions, much as they had the Thousand Sons.

So, my idea is that the Ultramarines did indeed take on the Marines of those legions, at least those that were left, and know what happened not only to those legions but also the Primarchs. The rough concept is that in the Ultramar system there resides a planet and hidden on that planet is a fortification that houses information pertaining to the two missing legions and the forces of Chaos are after that information. The reason Chaos is after that information is because, for the sake of the story, those two legions fell to Chaos prior to the heresy and the forces of Chaos are hoping to find that information and hopefully the Primarchs to bring them into the fold and rebuild their legions.

If anyone knows more on the subject I’d appreciate any help. The fact the fluff regarding those two legions isn’t set in stone is what allows me to play with it but I would like to ensure that it’s as accurate as possible based on what little information there is.

Once I have the fluff nailed down I’ll be proceeding to work on the missions for the event as I want the fluff to drive the missions. So, that’s where I’m at now.

  • JustHippie

    This is going to be an incredible event! We should discuss it more at the regular monthly tournament.

    • Yeah, we’re really aiming for something where people come away with great stories and feels as though they contributed regardless of how their games went.

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    As a player who loves the fiction of 40k, I am super stoked about this concept. I hope to have my word bearers all painted and pretty by this event for a chance to beat on Ultramarines or at least undermine the Ultras.

    As far the fluff is concerned, sounds like a sound idea, but how would you work in Xenos races such as Nids who don’t care about information.

    • Well, being that it’s in the Ultramar system it’s not hard to believe that Nids would be still in the area.

  • Jeremy Brink

    I really like your premise! Fluff and story–rather than the pure competitive drive to win whether it’s fun or not–should be the basis of every game. And taking a shadowy aspect of the fluff and expanding it sounds like a great way to make newthings happen. I wouldn’t worry too much about making it “accurate” — make it your own!

    • It will be a change of pace for us. It’s not to say we’re all competitive assholes or anything but our tournaments are historically driven by how well you kick your opponents’ asses all day long.

  • Epaminondas

    For sources, the First Heretic has the discussion between two Word Bearers about the lost two legions. Dorn has a conversation about it as well in a short story… I think its the Lighting Tower. Also, the Sigillite audio drama is expected to have something more, considering the cover art.

    • Epaminondas

      Now that I think on it, Betrayer will be a book some needs to read, just to make sure the fluff doesn’t conflict.

      • I’ve read both The First Heretic and that short story book you’re talking about. Betrayer I’m looking forward to. I have some others that I’ve yet to read that may shed some light too. I’m a bit behind lately in the Heresy stuff.

  • Kyban

    I’ve been looking into the 2 lost legions a lot since I’ve been working on turning my marines into the 2nd legion. From what I’ve gathered it sounds like both legions disappeared before the heresy. The 2nd legion vanished mysteriously and something happened to the 13th (probably fell to Chaos, rumors of mutations) which caused the Space Wolves to be unleashed on it. It seems the uncorrupted from the 11th were absorbed into the Ultramarines. The corrupted survivors of the 11th would make excellent allies for Choas, similar to what happened to the Thousand Sons. There’s also a pretty good page on it in the lexicanum: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Lost_legions#.UP2IqifLTng

    The fluff I’ve come up with for the 2nd legion has them uncorrupted by Chaos but no longer loyal to the Emperor and most of the legion is still locked in a temporal warp storm.

    • I’ve dug all through that wiki and I guessed I missed that page. Much appreciated.

  • This sounds like it’s going to be an interesting event. I can’t wait to see how it shapes up!

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