Warhammer 40K Rules Quiz #2: Movement & Shooting

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QuizOne of the easiest ways to become a better 40K player is to know the rules inside and out. Even veterans will re-read the rules to freshen up and make sure they know their stuff. So, I thought it would be fun to do a 40K quiz. I’ll chop the rulebook into sections and post a quiz for each. I’m aiming to quiz on the more obscure stuff and by obscure I mean items you may have overlooked, not known or always been fuzzy on. Some questions will be easy but hopefully overall the quizzes will be a challenge to anyone taking them. Oh, goes without saying but don’t use the rulebook to look up the answers. I want to test knowledge, not ability to research.

The movement phase was another small section so I figured I’d combine it with the shooting phase. The first part of the quiz can be found here.

1) A unit has models with different movement distances, how fast can it move?

2) Can you move a unit of yours through another friendly unit?

3) If your unit loses coherency what must it do?

4) If you fail a dangerous terrain test can you make an invulnerable save?

5) If you can only see the arm of an enemy model can you fire at that model?

6) If you have BS7 and your shot misses what roll is needed for the re-roll to hit?

7) What sort of cover does razor wire give?

8) Does simply shooting through a unit to hit a model behind it confer a cover save?

9) If you’re in area terrain and firing out does the target get a cover save?

10) A unit consists of two multiple wound models that are identical. One model already has one wound on it while the other is unwounded. The unit suffers one unsaved wound that inflicts instant death. Can you choose to remove the wounded model?


1) It moves at the speed of the slowest model in the unit2) Only if they can move through gaps large enough to fit through

3) Spend its movement phase attempting to regain coherency

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) 5

7) 6+

8) Choosing to shoot through a unit only gives cover if the targeted model is partially hidden from the firers view, it’s not a given

9) Only if you’re more than 2″ inside the area terrain

10) No. You must remove any unwounded models if possible when suffering a wound that causes instant death.


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