Warhammer 40K Rules Quiz #5: Independent Characters, Psykers and Unit Types

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One of the easiest ways to become a better 40K player is to know the rules inside and out. Even veterans will re-read the rules to freshen up and make sure they know their stuff. So, I thought it would be fun to do a 40K rules quiz. I’ll chop the rulebook into sections and post a quiz for each. I’m aiming to quiz on the more obscure stuff and by obscure I mean items you may have overlooked, not known or always been fuzzy on. Some questions will be easy but hopefully overall the quizzes will be a challenge to anyone taking them. Oh, goes without saying but don’t use the rulebook to look up the answers. I want to test knowledge, not ability to research.

I left out the vehicles portion of the unit types since it’s a larger section and worth a quiz of its own. You can find the previous quizzes here:

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1) If an independent character has a retinue can he/she be picked out in assault?

2) If an independent character is a monstrous creature and joined to a normal infantry unit, can he/she be picked out with shooting?

3) If a psyker has two psychic shooting powers available, is he/she allowed to use both in the shooting phase?

4) What do monstrous creatures roll for armor penetration on a vehicle?

5) Models equipped with jet packs have what universal special rule?

6) All bikes have what universal special rules?

7) Beasts and cavalry can charge how far?

8) The gun model in an artillery unit is considered to have what armor value?


1) No. They are treated as an upgrade character until the retinue is dead.

2) Yes. Only by being joined to a unit of monstrous creatures or a unit with a special rule can they not be singled out with shooting.

3) No. You’re only allowed one shooting attack, psychic or not, unless specified otherwise.

4) Strength + 2D6

5) Relentless

6) Relentless and turbo boosters

7) 12″

8) 10


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