Warhammer 40K Rules Quiz #1: Preliminary Stuff

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QuizOne of the easiest ways to become a better 40K player is to know the rules inside and out. Even veterans will re-read the rules to freshen up and make sure they know their stuff. So, I thought it would be fun to do a 40K quiz. I’ll chop the rulebook into sections and post a quiz for each. I’m aiming to quiz on the more obscure stuff and by obscure I mean items you may have overlooked, not known or always been fuzzy on. Some questions will be easy but hopefully overall the quizzes will be a challenge to anyone taking them. Oh, goes without saying but don’t use the rulebook to look up the answers. I want to test knowledge, not ability to research.

Without further ado here’s the quiz. This first one is on the sections preceding the movement section, the stuff many gloss over. The other quizzes will be longer.

1) Is it possible to re-roll a die that has already been re-rolled?

2) A model with WS4 is attacking a model with WS0. What roll is needed to hit?

3) A characteristic stat for a non-vehicle can never be higher than what value?

4) If you have a multiple modifier to a stat, IE: furious charge and you have a power klaw/fist, what is the model’s strength on the charge if the model is S4?

5) On a characteristic test what roll always fails?


1) No

2) None, it automatically hits

3) 10

4) 9

5) 6


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