40K Tournament: Off We Go

April AssaultToday is a 40K tournament at our FLGS, Crossroad Games, called April Assault. Most everyone from Creative Twilight will be there: Myself, Amberclad and Kamui will be playing and Stealthy Stealth and Lukas will be judges for the day. Spectre Senence was going to be there to film for the day but became ill the other day and can’t make it.

My Orks are all packed, lists are printed and models for the painting competition selected. Just wasting time at this point before I head out to pick up Kamui and then head down to the shop. So, figured I’d waste time putting up this quick post :)

  • Brian Berman

    Woot woot see you there.

  • therhino

    Shouldn’t it be “‘ERE WE GO!! ‘ERE WE GO!!”? :)

    •  Good call ;)

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