6th Edition Leaked?

Marines vs OrksNormally I’m not one to post rumors and breaking news but I can’t help it with this one. TastyTaste over at Blood of Kittens put this article up referencing documents you can snag (check the comments section as the top one no longer works), and the article hits the high points of the leaked 6th edition rules.

Now, normally I give little thought to rumors and read them like everyone else but I won’t get bent out of shape because of them or get my hopes up. This is different, to me, because of the accompanying documents. See, when 5th was rumored to be close to being out a leaked PDF of the rules for 5th hit the web. Guess what? That leaked PDF was EXACTLY the same as the rulebook when it finally landed. We’ve all heard 6th is close and now we have a leaked version of 6th? We’ll all draw our own conclusions I’m sure.

I will say though that if there’s truth to this then the game as we know it is going to change. Without digesting everything in the document I can’t say if it’s for the better or the worse. It does appear though that dumbing down the game is definitely not in the cards if what’s in here is true. The complexity is certainly higher than 4th and 5th edition.

  • Tim Paterson

    I totally believe this to be legit. All of the rumors, including Eldar Str 7 AP 2 for the Starcannon have come fruition. Not only that, it ensures that the Black Templar is the next codex because there are NO updates for that codex (no updates for Necrons, either). There ARE updates for TAU, Chaos, Dark Angels, and others.

    • The problem I have with what we’re seeing is it really looks like someone took all the rumors that were floating around the net and just lumped them into one document and called it a leaked 6th edition rulebook. I have a hard time believing that every single rumor I’ve seen so far is indeed in 6th. Generally rumors are close, some on the mark, but never have I seen each one be so accurate as depicted in this document. One might say it lends credibility to those who were leaking the early rumors but I can’t see it that way.

      • Luke

         Took all the rumors, and other game systems.

        • Good thing this turned out to be a bunch of bullshit.

  • Turner

    No, freaking, way.  If the Leman Russ Battle tank goes back to AV14 AV12 AV10 I’m going to… force someone to eat their own hat…  Also they literally took the “Lumbering Behemoth” special rule that the LRB has and broke it up into “Lumbering” and “Behemoth” except that other’s can now get it…  Now I know how Necron’s felt when they dropped 5th ed…  (obviously not as bad but still the silliness of the matter.)

    • There are other USRs in there like that. They took Marneus Calgar’s special ability, god of war, and turned it into a USR, if this is to be believed. Snipers get the ability to allocate wounds which would make Sergeant Telion damn near useless as that’s his big thing. In short, there’s just too much in this thing that doesn’t add up to me.

      • Luke

        Ahem. Blood Claws are ‘Headstrong’ meaning, if during the shooting phase they are within 6″ of an enemy, they sacrifice their shooting and will have to charge that enemy unit.
        Now, supposedly, you can’t shoot before you charge. Blood claws are still headstrong though.

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  • Amberclad87

    Not being able to shoot goes against all war-making strategy ever. Past, present, future, fictional and non-fictional. You don’t charge something before softening them up with shooting, it goes against commom sense. I like the example Todd gave about purifiers. I’m going to charge them. Ok, I get defensive fire from str 5 storm bolters and the psycannons, then if i get there, cleansing flame, then if i live through that, initiative 6 force halberds, then I can swing my attacks. I’m gonna start a grey knight army! >;-)

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