6th Edition Necron Ramblings

NecronsWell damn. If Codex Necrons was designed for 6th, I see a lot more rage directed at me. Specifically the “our most basic gun can kill your most advanced tank. In *Three-Four* shots. This is fair and legal.” Welcome back to fourth? I never played it, but I foresee bitching.

They can’t possibly complain about my night fight anymore, it will be useful, due to the relative ease of getting cover now, Vehicles obscured at 25% and night fight pumping cover saves based on distance away. The 6th rules seemed to nerf what was considered retarded and broken about the Necron book. Night fight no longer denying shots but grants cover, and then making it so Fast Skimmers can only move 12″ in the move phase (meaning Sweep Attacking Command Barges are less of a threat), but then allowing them to charge… and granting them fearless in combat and +1 armor save while embarked. Hmmmmm. Chariot also has hammer of wrath as a heads up.

But then in turn, they made it possible for my entire army to kill tanks. Reliably. They buffed Heavy Destroyers which were already incredibly badass. They also made Night Scythes (not the death ray ones, but the transports), the single coolest, most enjoyable vehicle in the game. Adding the special rule ‘invasion beams’ is all too true, and you completely feel it when you zoom 24 inches, drop a solid unit of immortals or warriors, give them TANK HUNTER from Zandrekh (so they reroll failed armor pen rolls), and glance a tank to death while the night scythe fires it badass Twin linked tesla destructor, wrecking havoc on the foolish mortals below.

It’s thematic.

The one thing I won’t ever get over though, is what they did to Lychguard and Praetorians. The already subpar very pricey units got nerfed. Were they too good? Last I checked they weren’t worth a thing til 2500 point games. Hyperphase Swords only AP3 now, so terminators of all varieties will simply thrash on them, and if you keep the warscythe the only thing they can thrash on would be vehicles, and things with Initiative 1
This saddens me. Great, I now own a 450 point unit, that will never be able to earn its points back.

Praetorians also took a swift kick in the nuts, and it was essentially beating a dead horse. Their rod of the covenant, is a +1 Str AP3 I1 weapon. Awesomeeeeeeee. The shooting attack from it does more damage at Str5 AP 2. Wraiths are now the new thing, since rending remained AP2.

And then, GW did something ridiculous. They made Ghost Arks even better. 4 Hull points, and the troops inside may fire overwatch shots when vehicle is charge?? Imagine this. 20 man blob of Necron Warriors, led by none other than Nemesor Zandrekh granting them tank hunter every turn to reroll non glances (all the other shots) . On average you do 4 glances at full range (bye land raider). They all have 4+ reanimation protocols, due to the Nemesor’s Orb. It will be flanked by two Ghost Arks, repairing an additional 2d3 warriors every turn, these ghost arks are both full, and shooting down their own targets. Enjoy.

Nemesor Zahndrekh is an auto-take, give a unit of warriors tank hunter, reroll all those failed glances and watch them strip a Land Raider down to size. Give your Ghost Ark stealth for 4+ jink when it moves, further increasing to 3+ or 2+ if you used night fight.

Recently I have been using and abusing Night Scythes, their mobility, combined with the Tesla Destructor, and the fact the unit inside can disembark when it moves 36, make it a retarded unit. Also, if it dies, the unit inside doesn’t die, they go into reserve, taking no damage. Hurray!

Once you start using fliers, you have to include Orikan, who I have also recently found a love for. Turn 2 pop his little ‘re-roll failed reserve rolls’ and fly your entire Scythewing in, watch it pound the shit out of your opponent. Then when that nasty Terminator unit or etc. is barreling at you, have him go super mode (since there is a reroll Cryptek in his unit, this gives you some control over it), and charge them, I4, 5 attacks at WS5 and Str7, he rerolls failed hits with timestrike, and wounds on a 2+ ignoring armor saves, not power weapon, ignores armor. Also, T7 with 3++ invuln. I fucking love this guy.

I have played 4 games of sixth as of right now, one against IG, two against demons and one in a 2v2 team format, with those demons against Dark Eldar and Grey Knights. Each time my list has consisted of Annihilation barges and Night Scythes, and it is equally devastating each time. My most recent games against daemons I had 3 Annihilation barges and 3 Night scythes, 24 Twin Linked Str7 shots, 6’s grant two more hits, and it can arc to other units on a 6. Also Zahndrekh, Orikan, the reroll Cryptek and his 5 mandatory warriors sit in a ghost ark chillin out. It’s dirty.

These are just my inital thoughts, I’ll probably shoot you fellas a battle report in 6th next week. Happy hunting.

  • JustHippie

    And some people want to run double Force org? No thanks.

  • Necrons already gave me headaches and honestly I’m not looking forward to playing them in 6th. Once the Chaos codex comes out I may change my mind on that ;)

    • Lukas

      You shouldn’t be. I can’t believe the jumps in effectiveness they received. My army went from Tier 0, complete trash. to like Tier 3 (upper mid) , and are now like Tier 10. (grey knights being a 7-8) . I cry for my opponents. Well, if I wasn’t a souless and emotionless robot anyway ;)

  • therhino

    Definitely some neat stuff in there, but some of it sounds very situational. Things will level out as the edition gets older.

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