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AFK for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I will be out of the country from Wednesday to Sunday (Oct. 19th – 23rd). My awesome wife earned us an all-inclusive trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her job. So, things will be a bit quiet here for a bit while we enjoy the sun, and a lot of margaritas. I suppose I’ll find out if it’s possible to get sick of Mexican food, which I very much doubt.

Oh, that lead-in image is where we are staying.

Trip Map

That’s our flight route. Going to be a very long day with 13 hours of travel.

See you all next week!

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AFK for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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stats DGDWH

Well, compliments to your wife! Have a good time, it seems awesome also without hobby ahahahah!

Joe Baird

Have fun! We were there a few years back (pre-kids…) and had a great time. Have a mojito for us!


Jealous. Bring some hand sanitizer and use it after you pick your food up from the buffet. I got sick one year because of the dirty handles.

Nils Holmbergh

Damn that sounds awesome, hope you’ll have a great trip.