Battle Missions is Almost Here

Battle MissionsMarch will see the release of the latest 40K expansion, Battle Missions. Bell of Lost Souls posted up a video sneak peak a few weeks ago that you can see over at the BoLS site.

I can’t wait for this honestly. The price is good, the quality looks good and more importantly it gives us more than the same three missions we’ve all played countless times now. The varied deployment in 5th is all well and good but the same three missions…ug. The return of Kill Team for 5th is great. I never got the chance to play it under 4th and was sad to see it missing from 5th. Now that it’s coming back in Battle Missions I’ll have to get in some games and maybe try out a different army for it.

What do you think? You plan to grab it or feel it’s a waste of money?

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