Berzerkers: Painting Continues

Progress has been super slow on these Berzerkers. I didn’t manage any painting over the long weekend but did get some in on Wednesday.

Everything has now been washed/shaded and I’m working on the cleanup from the wash, mostly on the red. It’s amazing how much getting the shading done makes the model just look that much more complete. Once I get the red cleaned up I just have to finish up some details and get some highlights on.


  • Looking good Thor! Ready to smash some imperialist scum!

    • Thanks and they are always ready to smash Imperial scum; it’s in their job description ;)

  • They’re coming along nicely. A wash does make all the difference in the world! It adds a lot of definition in one step.

    • Not to mention easy to do. So much faster than laying up.

  • TheRhino

    They look great.

  • Berserkers are always worth it if they take a lil’ extra time.
    When yer done, you’ve got Berserkers, no matter how long it took, and Berserkers are just fun as heck.

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