Blood Bowl Human Team WIP: Basing and Conversions

On Wednesday I got to play my first Blood Bowl game with the new edition. It was a ton of fun. I played my Humans, and I came away with a 2-0 victory over Chaos. The Chaos team did put 5 of my players off the pitch though. It was a warm-up game, not a league one thankfully. Had it been a league game then I’d be down 5 players going into my next game without enough goldĀ to replace enough of them.

Basing the Team

Anyway, playing games tends to get me excited to do more hobbying. So, I went back to my slow pace of working out some ideas for the team.

I began the basing on the team. I had picked up the Stirland Battlemire texture paint from Games Workshop. The idea was to create some interest with the ground where the grass flock wasn’t going to be. The Battlemire is a pretty gritty texture with the idea of it being to create churned up ground. I figure the cleats of the players are going to dig up the ground, remove grass in spots, so it sounded perfect.

I started with a thin layer to check it out.

Stirland Battlemire - First Coat

I didn’t want to just cake it on there, which would look great for something else, but not for what I wanted.

I thought it looked too thin in spots, so I went ahead and did another thin layer, focusing on the more bare spots.

That seemed liked a good amount to me. Again, I’ll be putting grass flock on here too, so I just need some interesting areas to leave bare, not the whole base all churned up.

I went ahead and primed the model, and then I went to work dry brushing and washing the base to see what I thought.

Looks good to me!

The colors aren’t this bright in person. I have my painting light on top of it for these shots.

Small Conversions

The other thing I wanted to do was to do some small subtle conversions on some of the models. I grabbed some purity seals and glued those onto a few guys.

I also did some extra work on the Blitzers. They really don’t stand out all that much from Linemen on the table, and they really should. I sculpted a spike on the shoulder of one, and both got large wings on their helms.

I’m still working on smoothing out the head to wing area.

The wings are pretty huge, but I think they work well, and it will definitely make theme easier to spot in a game.


That’s where things currently stand with my Human team. At this point I think I’m ready to prime the rest of the team. I’m also going to start a test model this weekend to work out my color scheme.

  • I’m guessing you cut the slotta tabs off the models, yes?
    The Stirland looks a lot like the resin sand texture paste I used for my old test Genestealer bases. Might have to dig that stuff out again if I can find it.

    • Nope, tabs are still in there. Why do you ask?

      • At first look, it looked like you’d taken some of them back off bases in order to prime them. I couldn’t figure out how you primed them without painting the base. Then I reread and realized you repainted the texture.

        • Gotcha. Yeah, based then primed. Normally I do basing last, so this is backwards for me.

  • Looking nice. I wasn’t very impressed with the previous incarnation of the texture paints, but I’ll have to give the new ones another try.

    Still waiting on a Dwarf team to get into it myself. Neither of the core box teams grabs me at all.

    • The new texture paints have microbeads, so they work a whole lot better now.
      I needed everything for the game, so the box was a good deal. I do like both teams, but they aren’t my favorite. I figure I’ll later use them as teams to teach with. I’m waiting on the Norse team, and Chaos.

      • Ooh, def gonna have to pick up one of the new textures, then. Norse and Chaos are on my list as well.

        • I’ll own most of the teams at some point. Except for any Elven teams, or Dwarves. God I hate Dwarves.

          • Why you gotta drag me like that, man ;)

            • You like Elves and Dwarves?

              • Badass Dwarves, yes. I actually sometimes call myself the tallest Dwarf in America ;) Weedy elves, no.

                • Tallest Dwarf in America, lol.

                  In fantasy books, games, etc., I love Dwarves. They are my favorite race in fantasy anything by far. I read a lot of RA Salvatore when I was younger, and my love for the stunty folk was cemented.

                  However, Dwarves are a pain in the ass in Blood Bowl. They are the strongest team to start with, and no other team really catches up to them. It’s like they are too good in my opinion.

                  • OK, just in Blood Bowl. That makes more sense. Guess I’ll save them for if I actually get into competitive play.

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