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Miniature Tutorials & Guides

We love the wargaming and miniature hobby. Even though many of us play wargames, like Warhammer 40K and Battlefleet Gothic, the hobby element is where we spend most of our time. Some of our authors even have 20+ years experience with the hobby.

Here you will find an assorted list of miniature hobby tutorials. The articles range from creating wargaming terrain, like hills and trees, to doing basing on miniatures, such as realistic earth basing, or creating snow and ice.

You can also find more tutorials on our YouTube channel.

How I Made Some DIY Terrain with Plaster (Trees)

    I thought it was time that I build some decent looking terrain, but I also wanted to do it very affordably. So, after some research, I decided to make some tree stands using plaster. I had everything I needed except the plaster, and that was cheap enough.

    How to Use Miniature Primer (Tips & Recommended Brands)

      Using a primer for your miniatures is a must. Without it you will only undo all your hard work. So, I have a list of some primers that work great, including sprays, brush-on, and ones for airbrushes. I also have some tips when using sprays to avoid common issues, like fuzziness, or obscuring details.