Changes are Coming!

I set up this site originally for commission painting, and I’ll continue doing commission painting, but seeing as that’s just something I do for fun, well I feel this site is being wasted. By that I mean that I don’t do a lot of commission work and meanwhile the site just sits here collecting dust so I may as well make use of it. I plan to turn this into a 40k blog where I post the things that float around in my head like fluff for my armies, some battle reports, general 40k thoughts, things of that nature.

Now, this blog will probably fall under the radar and I have no intentions of this turning into a site like Bell of Lost Souls (great blog by the way, check it out!). I just want a place to put my creative ramblings and it may as well be here. If I get some readers who enjoy it then great and if not oh well.

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