Chaos Bikers

Chaos Bikers Painting Showcase – Disciples of Twilight

I finished this squad of Chaos Bikers a very long time ago. The only thing that kept me from taking shots of the unit was that I didn’t have the meltaguns painted yet – they’re magnetized. So, I finally got the meltaguns painted – like a year later, and decided it was time I took some shots of the finished unit.

Biker Gallery

Just tabletop quality painting on these guys.

Some Ramblings on Snow

I got the left Biker (camera left) used a long time ago. He was very derpy. Put together with rubber cement, and seriously abused, he was in rough shape. I fixed him up as best I could, and with it all painted I think he fits in just fine.

It was also that biker that inspired the snow on the tires. There were some serious issues with the front wheel, so I thought I’d hide it with snow. The first technique I tried, the GW Mountain Snow technical paint, I wasn’t really happy with. It was just too grainy.

GW Mountain Snow

I then found this stuff at AC Moore, a chain craft store in the US.

True Snow

At the time when I first finished these bikes, I was using snow flock for the bases. So, I wasn’t using the snow technique that you now see on their bases, which of course I redid to hide the snow flock.

Anyway, I didn’t have a convincing method for snow on the tires at the time, and so I got that snow paste. It worked, it doesn’t look bad, and I can live with it. The latest Biker squad I did uses a different method for snow on the tires, but those finished shots will come next week.

Chaos Bikers: Basing WIP
Winter is coming.

Live and Learn

That’s always the thing with basing, or this hobby in general. You get better, find more convincing techniques, and struggle with the thought of updating models you did earlier. I’m not one to repaint old models, but when it comes to basing you have to keep some consistency. Right now I have models with four different snow basing techniques. I’m slowly, as I find free time (hahahaha!), updating them all to my current technique, which I’m really happy with.

Sorry about the rambling. This this unit has gone through various experiments to reach this point, and I felt like unloading.

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Chaos Bikers Painting Showcase – Disciples of Twilight
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