Chaos Knight WIP – The End is Near

This past weekend I had a lot of time to work on my Chaos Knight. So much so that by the third day I was burned out. Hobby time is often feast or famine, and man did I feast.

Friday night I got in a solid 3-4 hours of work. The big thing I wanted to accomplish was getting all the various leg armor plates ready to be glued on. I had already done the hard work of the blending prior, so I had to pick out the trim, and get the bone parts done, which I did.

Saturday I got those armor plates on, minus the groin plate. I then started work on the heavy stubber near the shoulder, and the ion shield.

I had thought for a while what I wanted to do with the shield. My first thought was to do something all glowing to indicate its use. I thought better of it though, as I thought it would draw too much attention. Instead, I decided to do something to represent all Chaos Gods since my warband is undivided.

This was my first attempt at that.

Knight Shield - WIP #1

I thought it looked cool, but once I got it on the Knight it was far too distracting.

Knight Shield - Test #1

Neat idea, cool technique, but it didn’t fit. So, I hit up Facebook and Twitter to get some feedback and help with it. Dylan on Facebook gave me some ideas, and I began reworking the shield. On Twitter, Greggles was offering his advice as well. In the end I came back with this.

Knight Shield - WIP #2

Now, since this shot I have toned it down a bit more, saturating the brighter faces a shade more. I don’t have an updated shot for the final version of the shield, but it’s close to this.

With most of the core of this beast done, I took a shot to show.

Knight Shield - Test #2

Most of what you see there is done. I didn’t set this up in a lightbox, so the shot isn’t doing it any real justice, but you get the idea.

Sunday I wanted to get the Knight done, and that meant completing the arms. I just didn’t have it in me. Saturday I had spent a solid 12 hours on this thing. Playing with that shield really set me back.

While I may not have completed the arms, they are WIP (no shots, sorry). Things are base coated, washed, and blending and layering near completion. Once I wrap up the blending I will get the highlights in there and be complete. Another good day of work should see those arms done, and then it’s just a matter of basing, which is quick and easy enough.

Photography Backdrops

Related, I have looked at backdrops for my lightbox. Once I get this Knight all done, I want to get some proper shots of it. I’m currently shooting on a white background, and it’s a bit of a nightmare honestly. Getting light balance right is a chore, and the snow on the basing blends right in. It’s just not doing me any favors.

Greggles had recommend a site for the backdrops, and after digging around I came up with some I liked. I had posted these on social media for feedback, so you may have seen them. However, since posting those I have changed it up a bit. So, I would love to get opinions on these final selections of backdrops to help me make a final choice. I’m including a model of mine so you can see what will go in front of them.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get the Knight done, and have a cool backdrop to take shots on.

  • Northern sky, grunge, then greystone. Those are my pics.

    I think once you get the arms on the knight, the shield won’t draw as much attention. We should have held back on critquing it till a later stage me thinks! Knight is looking fantastic, and is quite a beaut!

    • Thanks for the votes.

      The arms are close to done since this. I did put them on there and you’re right, the shield is less distracting with the arms on. Especially since on the Foe-reaper arm, I did a power weapony look to the blade at the end of the chainsword. It seems to help balance the eye’s focus.

      • Will reserve further critique till I see the full shot :)

  • jack shrapnel

    northern sky, marble and moonlight all look good to me.
    That knight is looking amazing by the way!

    • Looks like northern sky is in the lead.

      Thank you. Been busting my ass on this thing for at least 6 months. I’m so happy to be close to done with it.

  • My vote is Moonlight (compliments your blues), Northern Sky (would bring out more of the red), then Grunge (very chaos feel without being too busy). I need to pick up a couple from there as some point too.

    That shield looks fantastic and really adds to the knight. As being the tilting shield, it’s supposed to draw some attention so don’t make it fade too far back. And I agree with Greg, wait until you add the arms for the final touches, it really makes a difference to the whole look once they are in place.

    • I’ve put off a good background for too long. No idea why, but it’s time to rectify that.

      Thank you. I always get caught up on some seemingly small element when working on a model. It’s usually when I try something different of course. It can be frustrating, trying to make a vision actually work on a model, but it’s definitely rewarding when you finally nail it.

  • Another Northern Sky vote.

    Loving how the engine of ageless destruction is looking there. Really coming in nicely.

    • Thanks.

      Ever since getting closer to being done, he’s been a beast in my games. Hope that continues when he’s done.

      • The better painted something is the better it plays.

  • Northern Sky followed by Greystone would by my vote. They’ll good with your current army, but are also neutral enough that it should work if being used for shots of other color schemes.

    In regards to the shield, I definitely like the updated look of having the faces different colors. It looks more “natural” (as much as something touched by the warp could be considered natural) than the various horizontal shades.

    • Thanks for the backdrop feedback.

      The gradation effect I think was too much on faces. If it was a flat surface, it might have worked better. It was a bit odd changing colors mid-face, so I agree with the natural bit on the updated version.

  • When selecting back drops, do you select a contrasting color to your model or a complimentary color?

    • I don’t think there’s a wrong answer, but I’m not sure what the general consensus is among photographers honestly.

  • Wow dude that is looking absolutely glorious. All the hard work and effort you have put in is paying off. Love the coloured shield with the warped faces on him, works really well

    • Greatly appreciated!

      As much fun as this has been to paint, I can’t wait to get it done.

  • That is looking great, man! No idea on the backdrops, tho they all look like an improvement over plain white.

    • Thank you.

      True on the backdrops. Pure white is just bleh.

      • Also, this finally got me to matte spray the black backdrop I’ve got for my lightbox, which I think will work a lot better than the white for most of what I do. So thanks for that!

        • Was this a conversation we had? I’m drawing a blank…but, you’re welcome? ;)

          • No, we hadn’t talked about it, but I’ve been meaning to do it for months, since I tried using it and found it was too glossy, and this got me to actually do it.

            • The talk of backdrops spurred you on then? Gotcha.

  • Grunge and greystone! It is beautiful your knight and the fact that you are using only brushes is incredible. The shield is very cool!

    • You picked my two favorite ones ;)

      Thanks, and yep, just brushes! I wanted to push myself as a painter, and doing this entire thing by hand is helping with that.

  • The Knight look awesome, the effect . The shield is cool but still a bit tooall over the place for my taste. I would try and bind the colour together more.
    Northern sky looks good. Go with that one.

    • Thanks.

      The shield is toned down a bit more from what you see here. It’s grown on me though. I might revisit it once I get other things done though.

      Thanks for the vote.

  • It looks great and I really like the shield, it adds to it I think. As for backdrop, I like the Northern Sky, I should probably get some as well instead of the home printed one I use now.

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