Knight Shield - Test #2

Chaos Knight WIP – The End is Near

This past weekend I had a lot of time to work on my Chaos Knight. So much so that by the third day I was burned out. Hobby time is often feast or famine, and man did I feast.

Friday night I got in a solid 3-4 hours of work. The big thing I wanted to accomplish was getting all the various leg armor plates ready to be glued on. I had already done the hard work of the blending prior, so I had to pick out the trim, and get the bone parts done, which I did.

Saturday I got those armor plates on, minus the groin plate. I then started work on the heavy stubber near the shoulder, and the ion shield.

I had thought for a while what I wanted to do with the shield. My first thought was to do something all glowing to indicate its use. I thought better of it though, as I thought it would draw too much attention. Instead, I decided to do something to represent all Chaos Gods since my warband is undivided.

This was my first attempt at that.

Knight Shield - WIP #1

I thought it looked cool, but once I got it on the Knight it was far too distracting.

Knight Shield - Test #1

Neat idea, cool technique, but it didn’t fit. So, I hit up Facebook and Twitter to get some feedback and help with it. Dylan on Facebook gave me some ideas, and I began reworking the shield. On Twitter, Greggles was offering his advice as well. In the end I came back with this.

Knight Shield - WIP #2

Now, since this shot I have toned it down a bit more, saturating the brighter faces a shade more. I don’t have an updated shot for the final version of the shield, but it’s close to this.

With most of the core of this beast done, I took a shot to show.

Knight Shield - Test #2

Most of what you see there is done. I didn’t set this up in a lightbox, so the shot isn’t doing it any real justice, but you get the idea.

Sunday I wanted to get the Knight done, and that meant completing the arms. I just didn’t have it in me. Saturday I had spent a solid 12 hours on this thing. Playing with that shield really set me back.

While I may not have completed the arms, they are WIP (no shots, sorry). Things are base coated, washed, and blending and layering near completion. Once I wrap up the blending I will get the highlights in there and be complete. Another good day of work should see those arms done, and then it’s just a matter of basing, which is quick and easy enough.

Photography Backdrops

Related, I have looked at backdrops for my lightbox. Once I get this Knight all done, I want to get some proper shots of it. I’m currently shooting on a white background, and it’s a bit of a nightmare honestly. Getting light balance right is a chore, and the snow on the basing blends right in. It’s just not doing me any favors.

Greggles had recommend a site for the backdrops, and after digging around I came up with some I liked. I had posted these on social media for feedback, so you may have seen them. However, since posting those I have changed it up a bit. So, I would love to get opinions on these final selections of backdrops to help me make a final choice. I’m including a model of mine so you can see what will go in front of them.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get the Knight done, and have a cool backdrop to take shots on.

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Chaos Knight WIP – The End is Near
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