Chaos Land-Raider: WIP #3

Chaos Land Raider: Now with Tentacles (WIP #3)

Work has been slower on the Land Raider than I had hoped. I haven’t done this much sculpting on a single model before, so the wait on drying time is pretty consuming. One thing I’ve learned the hard way with sculpting is you’re better off doing small amounts, letting those fully dry, and then moving on. Otherwise, you end up mashing your fingers into fresh green stuff and messing up what you just did. In fact. Mr. Pink did a great article about that over on Broken Paintbrush that’s worth a read through.

So, between trying to formulate a direction for the sculpting, and the wait time for green stuff to dry, progress is slow. However, progress is progress, so here’s an update on things.

Progress Update #3

Since the first update I’ve fleshed things out a bit more – pun intended. On the right side – front, I added in a bone protrusion with the armor rent around it. I was trying to get it like how it is on the Chaos Knight, and did reasonably well, though not perfect. That just finished drying today, so I’ll likely go in again and refine it a bit more.

The green stuff around the top hatch areas is to level out the area. The top is warped, so that will let the hatches sit level. I will be blending that in a lot more later, but for now I just wanted to get the base down.

You’ll notice one lone tentacle sticking out on the top. I plan to add some more tentacles now that I have my Tentacle Maker, but I’m waiting a bit on those. I see the tentacles as fine details to bring elements together, so I need to get more base work in first.

The last noticeable change is on the left lascannon sponson. Taking the advice of Castigator, I’ve started working a claw out of the plate over the lascannons. I’m trying to bring in elements of each Chaos god, and my previous attempt for Slaanesh was a bit weak. The claw is just under halfway done, but you can see the idea well enough at this point.


I got some bits from TheRhino to use on my Land Raider that I haven’t put to use yet. I should be able to work out some pretty decent teeth on the front of the ramp using those bits, but I’m saving that for last. If I do that early I know I’ll knock the teeth off while I manhandle the vehicle for sculpting.

That’s it for now. Maybe in another few weeks I’ll have something more impressive to show for the time.

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Chaos Land Raider: Now with Tentacles (WIP #3)
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