Chaos Land Raider: Now with Tentacles (WIP #3)

Work has been slower on the Land Raider than I had hoped. I haven’t done this much sculpting on a single model before, so the wait on drying time is pretty consuming. One thing I’ve learned the hard way with sculpting is you’re better off doing small amounts, letting those fully dry, and then moving on. Otherwise, you end up mashing your fingers into fresh green stuff and messing up what you just did. In fact. Mr. Pink did a great article about that over on Broken Paintbrush that’s worth a read through.

So, between trying to formulate a direction for the sculpting, and the wait time for green stuff to dry, progress is slow. However, progress is progress, so here’s an update on things.

Progress Update #3

Since the first update I’ve fleshed things out a bit more – pun intended. On the right side – front, I added in a bone protrusion with the armor rent around it. I was trying to get it like how it is on the Chaos Knight, and did reasonably well, though not perfect. That just finished drying today, so I’ll likely go in again and refine it a bit more.

The green stuff around the top hatch areas is to level out the area. The top is warped, so that will let the hatches sit level. I will be blending that in a lot more later, but for now I just wanted to get the base down.

You’ll notice one lone tentacle sticking out on the top. I plan to add some more tentacles now that I have my Tentacle Maker, but I’m waiting a bit on those. I see the tentacles as fine details to bring elements together, so I need to get more base work in first.

The last noticeable change is on the left lascannon sponson. Taking the advice of Castigator, I’ve started working a claw out of the plate over the lascannons. I’m trying to bring in elements of each Chaos god, and my previous attempt for Slaanesh was a bit weak. The claw is just under halfway done, but you can see the idea well enough at this point.


I got some bits from TheRhino to use on my Land Raider that I haven’t put to use yet. I should be able to work out some pretty decent teeth on the front of the ramp using those bits, but I’m saving that for last. If I do that early I know I’ll knock the teeth off while I manhandle the vehicle for sculpting.

That’s it for now. Maybe in another few weeks I’ll have something more impressive to show for the time.

  • Looking good Thor, the sculpting work is really adding some good character. It’s cool to see that you are adding a bit of each god in there

    • Thanks.

      The tricky part, I feel, is making this all cohesive. I have to find a way to pull all these random elements together. Plus, I always find it distracting when things aren’t one color. Once it gets primed I’m sure I’ll feel better about some of this.

      • I agree that the green and gray make it hard to see the end result and it is hard to merge the flat panels and green stuff, but it will look awesome once painted

        • Here’s hoping :)

  • That is really coming together well, the sculpting is starting to add real character as well.
    Are you going to do any more bullet holes are scratching on the armour plates? To help wear down some of those clean lines.

    • Yep. I’ve mostly left the armor alone because I don’t know where I want all the sculpting to go yet. So, no sense creating damage everywhere and then covering some of it up. Once I’ve got all the locations worked out, then I’ll add in some more battle damage. My hope is that this thing looks like it’s driven through hell – literally and figuratively, been possessed by it, and kept on going.

      • That is a great menta imagine. Bravo.

  • Looking really good! I’m looking forward to seeing some paint on it :)

    • Paint…ug. Painting vehicles has never been my favorite thing in the world. At least this one will be broken up by daemonic elements.

  • Ah the finger mashing! I have learnt the hard way with greenstuff too. Can be a right pain when you just want to charge ahead on something.

    The raider is coming along really nicely. Pleased to see those rents going on, and that tentacle is very cool

    • When I started on this thing, I figured I had so much room to work with that I could do more green stuff than usual in a session. Wrong. I still have to hold it in my hand, and that’s where the finger mashing comes in, no matter how big the model is.

      Thanks. I think I’ll work in some more of the rent armor in places, but probably on a smaller scale than that one on the side. That one came out bigger than I planned, but that’s how it goes when you’re figuring it out on the fly.

  • Looking nice! The crab claws are definitely a good touch for Slaanesh.

    Also, “now with tentacles” is possibly the best phrase to include to get clicks on a Chaos Modeling article :D

    • Thanks.

      You’re right. You can add “now with tentacles” to anything Chaos and it works. Hmmm. ;)

  • Geat work, I really like where this is going brother!

    • Much appreciated.

  • So far it’s looking great! I have a couple of thoughts from a technical standpoint:

    1) A lot of what you’re doing is adding elements to mostly flat areas. Maybe you can sculpt these items on a flat piece of plastic or wax paper. After they cure you can use a little more green stuff to blend them onto the vehicle. While you’re waiting for one to cure you can just grab another piece of plastic/paper and start the next one. Doing it this way will also allow you to temporarily place the elements until you’ve got them all done, then be able to shift them around or even swap them out until you’re happy with it all before permanently attaching them.

    2)The next time you’re getting low on green stuff pick up some Pro Create putty instead. It’s less bubble-gummy than Kneadatite but perhaps more importantly for you, it’s in the same grey range as GW plastics. It’s what I used for my Rebel Grot Commissar so you can see how the color compares :

    3)Have you considered using a coated wire core for your tentacles? If you wrap some putty around it and put it through the tentacle maker you might be able to create something that can be bent after it cures so it’s easier to work with.

    • Good point on the flat surface bit. My problem is more that my vision is vague. I create as I go, not so much planning things out, and working various pieces like that would require some foresight on my part. Still, I’m sure I can think of a few things I can work on like that though.

      I’ll have to check out the Pro Create.

      The tentacles are tricky. In the past I’ve made some to test with, and once you start bending them the green stuff will snap eventually. They’re pliable to an extent, but less than you’d think. So, sticking wire in there with the intent of bending later will have limited success. I’m still trying to work out good methods for working with the tentacles. I can try the wire, but I’m not holding my breath either.

      • If you get a thin layer of putty around the wire then work the tentacle maker plates until the ridges cut all the way to the plastic coating on the wire you will have a flexible cable with separated rings of putty. You would still need to be careful not to bend too much because you could start breaking the rings off the cable but it might give you something more workable and less delicate than cables made purely of the putty.

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