Chaos Land Raider

Chaos Land Raider: Work in Progress #1

I got this Land Raider years ago. I bought it used off a friend, and as you’ll see below, it was/is in pretty rough shape. There’s some serious gaps, and some attempts at filling those in were made prior to me getting it, and there are areas that are warped. The poor thing just wasn’t put together well at all, but I have a plan.

The Land Raider

The Plan

The Land Raider needs to be converted over to Chaos, and part of that conversion will be hiding the various mistakes on it. See, instead of trying to fill in gaps, and figure out some way to deal with warped plastic, I plan to just go over it and make it Chaosy. Meaning, I’ll be doing some sculpting to create daemonic elements to hide flaws. Maybe I’ll make some fleshy parts, claws, teeth, anything that seems daemonic, and layer these things over the Land Raider. I’m going to give it a possessed kind of vibe, like something that’s been in the warp too long, and it’s just sprouting mutations and gifts.

That’s as far as my planning goes. I don’t do well with overly thought out plans. I’m more the type of person who works from a base concept and lets inspiration take hold. It works out well most of the time, but occasionally I run into mental roadblocks. However, I’d rather just dive in and work than spend hours and hours planning.


Despite hiding some of the more serious issues with the Land Raider, there are some items that need fixing. The sponsons needed some TLC. I had started magnetizing them a while ago, before I set the project aside for God knows who long. So, I finished magnetizing them. I know Chaos only has one Land Raider, but I’m holding out hope that someday we’ll have some options, so I’ll be ready if that day comes.

Note: I get all my magnets at K&J Magnetics if you’re wondering.


Magnetizing these was a bit of a pain. If I had some spare Land Raider bits then I would have approached this differently than I did. However, with no extra bits around, I needed each part to be magnetized for reuse.

It works well enough, just took some time to do.

I have some hatches that I’ll use to fill in the missing ones. Rhino kits come with lots of extra bits, including hatches, and thankfully the hatches are universal.


The other thing I’m doing is cleaning up the Land Raider. There’s mold lines everywhere, nothing is even, it’s a mess. As I work on parts I’m cleaning them off, trying to level things out, fill in small gaps, etc. It’s a slow and painful process.

That’s All Folks

So, nothing exciting, but I just wanted to get a starting point marked out on the blog for this Land Raider. It’s going to be a drastically different vehicle when I’m done, so I had to get those required before shots up.

This will very likely be a long process. I want to take my time with it, and really work on my sculpting skills. I have a blank canvas to work with basically, so it’s time to see what I can pull off.

Update: I’ve since finished building and painting the Land Raider. Check out the painting showcase.

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Good start. I love a good reclamation/repair project.
I have some cool horns and spikes from the WHFB Slaughterbrute kit you can have for incorporating into mutations if you want them.

stats DGDWH

Great I’m always fashinating by twisting the official Imperium stuff to other meanings. I’m very curious about the developing of this project, I’ll follow it gladly! I’ve thought that it could be interesting to make scorching a metal needle and make holes and scratches. Maybe it is too much extreme, but now I’d like to try! (Free words in the Internet).


I look forward to seeing how this goes. The Land Raider has so much space to work with that you can do some really great stuff to it, while still leaving it recognizably a Land Raider.


I have a land raider in similar (maybe slightly better) condition that I picked up on ebay a few years ago. I even picked up the Crusader upgrade sprue and magnetized most of the weapons. Then I put it all in a box and forgot about it since I was primarily running my Reavers as a drop pod assault force.

I’m looking forward to seeing yours come together though!


I have done this before on rhinos and a couple of DE vehicles. It is a painful process but will be worth it

You know what would look great, the LR front ramp as a giant maw with loads of teeth, kinda like the nurgle maggoth lord kit


See? I told you that you were a Warpsmith.

This will be great project for ye to sink your teeth into and practice some skills on.