Chaos Lord on Bike: Fixing Stuff

My week has been very unproductive on the hobby front. I have managed to get some things fixed though for my Biker Chaos Lord, Soulgore. I did also manage to get his magnetized arms fully painted and sealed. They were being sealed when I took these shots, otherwise I’d have tried to get better shots of them.

Some noticed last week that my Chaos Lord, Soulgore, was leaning forward a bit too much and he looked a bit off on his bike. I had not noticed it too much at first but once pointed out it was obvious and began to bug me. I had to fix a few things to straighten him up.

First up, the legs. I had to move the magnet back and that meant digging out the old magnet and that is always a process. I had to greenstuff to fix the mess from digging out the magnet.

Second, you’ll notice the back of the bike seat is slightly altered. I cut half the width of the vertical back part of the seat and sliced into the seat. I used a little greenstuff to blend the seat into the cut area and done. Both of these items still need a bit of sanding.

Last, me just showing Soulgore’s pose on the bike with the mentioned work done. He can see straight forward now!

The final thing is I started working out a new Chaos Lord for the bike. I really enjoy Chaos Lords on the battlefield. They are one of the few HQs in the codex that was done well and are easily my favorite choice. So, there may come a time when I want to run Soulgore on his standard Juggernaut mount and also run a Lord on a bike. Soulgore can’t do both so I started working on a torso and head for a new Chaos Lord. That’s what I love about magnets; I only need a torso and head for a new HQ :)

Biker Chaos Lord: IdeaAnyway, here’s a quick not-so-great shot of what I was thinking of using. I don’t really do elaborate with my Chaos Space Marines. It just doesn’t fit the Disciples of Twilight theme. I try and make the HQs stand out in other ways than being decorated and adorned with all sorts of extra stuff. So, this is simple and I think it works. I may add more horns, like from each side of his head so it’s almost like hair sweeping back.

Anyone else stalling behind on projects? I have a big tournament coming up and need to finalize a list and then make sure the painting is done for it. Progress meter about 10% on that front.


  • Chaos lord idea looks great thor. New bike position looks good as well! I feel you on the hobby front. This week all I’ve done is assemble another paint wrack, and take mould lines off some mek’s.

    • Thanks.

      Ug. Mold line removal is easily my least favorite task.

      • I always miss one…no matter how much time I spend removing them. Of course one mould line is running directly across the top of the mek backpack…which is too tight to fit my scrapper tool in the space…

        • I always remove the mold lines before assembly to avoid that type of issue.

  • That position looks much better! Nice choice of bits on the second lord as well.

    I am falling behind on my Rebel Grots as well. I still haven’t finished the 1500 points I was pulling together for the Fratris, now I need to figure out what I want to add to make 1650 for the Standoff…

    • You mean the 1,500pts you were to have painted for this past April/May? ;)

      You have done a lot of modeling though, which I find to be addictive and can easily throw you off the painting course.

      • That’s the 1500 points I’m talking about! Of course, the new AM codex that came out around that time forced me to swap 10 painted models for 21 un-built ones…

        I have done a lot of modelling lately. Knowing I had to fill in another 150 points got me distracted from painting!

  • TheRhino

    Nice repairs. That seat back problem is one I ran into a LOT with my bike army. it was always a “hold your breath” moment when I was trying to fit the backpack onto the torso, and then get it all onto the bike. There were a few times when I had to repaint an entirely new backpack because the one I’d selected simply wouldn’t fit. I never thought of taking part of the padding off.
    Have you tested to see if the 1/8″ magnet you’re using in the legs will hold that metal torso in place during play?

    • All my previous Bikers were fine but they also had the forward position so they could grab the handle bars, which was why I did Soulgore that way, force of habit.

      Removing part of the seat was my only option since Soulgore’s backpack is glued. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.

      Yes, the magnet works great. The torso magnet is 1/8″ x 1/8″, thicker than the ones I use on plastic arms. That size has always worked great for dealing with metal parts.

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