Chaos Possessed: WIP #1

Chaos Possessed: Conversions in Progress

Chaos Possessed are one of those units that I’ve always loved the idea of but seemed questionable on the table. They’re expensive and while they do come with a 5++, it’s been hard to justify the expense for that 5++. Don’t get me wrong, they have a bit more going on but I never really bothered with them. Then I got into Khorne Daemonkin and if you want to run the Blood Host detachment then you at least need 5 Possessed. Well, it was time to finally get/make some Possessed!

I have these really old Chaos Marines that have been kicking around for years. Some were given to me and some were part of bulk buy. They were all in really rough shape and the first thing I did was bath them in Simple Green to strip them. Well, I’m not sure if some of these guys were painted with enamel or some magical non-removable paint, but the success was limited. I wasn’t too concerned though since I knew I was going to cover these guys with green stuff anyway.

Next I had to remove a lot of parts and clean the joints to re-glue. The torso on one of them had at least 1/16″ of glue caked between it an the legs; so much so it was visibly elevated and looked horrible. Mold lines also had to get removed, still doing that actually as I go. Arms had to get removed and weapons cut off so I could convert their hands into weapons. In short, a lot of prep work.

The plan with these guys is that there is no plan. I enjoy sculpting. It’s my favorite part of the hobby. I’m by no means great at it though and so I’m using these guys as a big experiment to learn how to get better with sculpting. Some of the stuff I’ve done on these guys looks good and some not so much. However, when it’s all said and done they will at least look the part.

I’m not even going to try and tell you where I am with this unit. I work on them all at once. As green stuff is drying on one I move to the next. No one model is complete and with no plan in place, I just sculpt what I feel like, I can’t say how far from done they are. The one thing I do know is the guy in the middle, the Berzerker, will be my Possessed Champion.

There you have it. A bunch of ugly Chaos Marines becoming Possessed. I enjoy working with what I have to see what I can do with it. These models would not have been my choice as a base for Possessed if given the choice but I’m all about utilizing what you do have and rising to a challenge.


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Coming along nicely Thor.

Units/models where you don’t have a clear plan and just sculpt away can be a real joy to create and the end result is so satisfying. A lot of my conversions start out that way


Chaos in general is great for this sort of thing, and Possessed are one of the best places to go nuts even within that larger category. My current ones are fairly simple, based off AoS Khorne dudes, but my older Squad, I’m still proud of the work I did on, even over a decade later.

stats DGDWH

Nice old model and conversions, want to see them painted! I’m not good at sculpting – and it is not too much fashinating to me-, I use only the stupid cousin of sculpting, kitbashing, but I think it is very rewarding painting your creation . Sorry this comment is a bit bipolar!