Chaos Possessed – Paint in Progress #1

I built these Possessed a few years ago. I had a list idea at the time for a big local tournament with them, so I put these together. Pictured below are 4 of the 7 I built, the other 3 haven’t got paint on them yet.

These were hobbled together with assorted bits and then I messed around with green stuff to try to create something. I wanted to practice sculpting, so I just went nuts working on the unit of Possessed. Some of those experiments worked well, others not so much, but that’s Chaos, right?

Anyway, if you’re wondering why the unit is very derpy then that’s why.

When I built the unit, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was have fun painting them. I mean, you can’t look at this unit and take it seriously. So, it’s another good place to play around, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Most of the painting on these models has been pretty standard tabletop for me. I have been trying to work on some quick and dirty blending on the armor though. That way I can give units like this a bit of a push in painting without spending the time I do blending armor on HQs. It’s been pretty successful overall I think.

The skin and mutations has been where I’m playing the most. I’m messing around with color combinations, blends, techniques, etc. Nothing earth shattering going on there, just enjoying some unrestricted experimentation and having fun.

I have no idea when I’ll finish the unit off. I haven’t been particularly motivated to paint lately, so I’ve been chipping away on the unit here and there. Sometime 2018 I’d say ;)

  • I think you were working on the sculpting on these guys right around when I started following this blog. Nice to see some paint on them.

    • You’re probably right about the timing.

      I do want to experiment with Possessed some more, hence the desire to get some paint going. They aren’t great on paper, the 1 damage is a big let down, but I’ve always loved the concept of them. So, I may as well bash my head against the wall a bit and see what shakes free.

      • My problem is that I keep rolling 1 Attack for them. I’d be better off running regular CSM at that point. Also, I really wish the Death Guard Possessed got Disgustingly Resilient.

        • I think at 2 attacks (not random) and a base cost about 2-3pts less per-model would really help them out a lot.

          • Yeah, that would be a good starting point, at least.

  • I think they look cool. I remember that old mutation spree very well, I used it a lot back when they sold a lost and the damned conversion kit with guard, ork and chaos parts in it… a very fun kit. Possessed has always been one of my favorite csm units but I can’t remember the last time they were actually good, how are they nowadays?

    • I’ve got so many of the old Possessed conversion sprues that I don’t think I’ll ever run out!

      I also love Possessed, and you’re right – they haven’t been good for a long time. They are OK now. They’ve been worse, but they still aren’t great. They don’t have the offensive power they need to be worth the points you pay for them.

  • Good stuff, glad to see how you can make older models pop with some good paint.

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