Chronicles of Thor #9: Blood Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds & Life

Let’s start off with some fun stuff.

Blood Bowl

The 4th Blood Bowl season at my FLGS has concluded. I did well in regular season going 6 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw with my Undead, the Cryptkickers.


I made it through the playoffs to the final game against Benito’s Human team, the Saint Athens SunSpears.

All throughout the season and playoffs we tracked stats for players and teams. Benito was the #1 offense, averaging 2.3 goals per-game. I, on the other hand, was the #1 defense with an average of .8 goals allowed per-game. I knew it would be a fun game; always is against Benito.

The game was unbelievable close, going into overtime, but Benito pulled it off and took a 2-1 victory to win the season. In the 4 seasons we’ve run, I have won the title twice and Benito twice.

It was an awesome season. We had the most active players yet and I can’t wait for next season.

Speaking of, next season I plan to run a Necromantic team instead of Undead. The beauty is that I only need a few models to add in to make them Necromantic – Werewolves and Flesh Golems.

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To that end, I picked up these for the Werewolves.

They’re from Reaper Miniatures. I plan to sculpt in some shoulder pads and probably call it good.

For Flesh Golems I haven’t found anything I’m sold on yet. Reaper has some but they’re not quite large enough. I also don’t want to spend $35+ on a Games Workshop kit to make them either. Totally open to ideas here.

Oh, I also picked up this for my team’s coach.


The one on the left will be my coach, which I think is perfect for the Undead and Necromantic team.

Also, if you don’t play Blood Bowl, or if you’re curious about the game, then check out my guide to the game.

Warhammer Underworlds

I’ve started painting my Mollog’s Mob warband for Underworlds. These have been a blast to paint and I just keep playing around with colors and tones for something fun.

Here’s some shots of them as they stand.

I do have some videos on each of those on our YouTube channel. Mollog is a bit further along than you see here, but I did a video and didn’t get any updated shots yet.

I also got in my first few games with them last night and they were fun to play. It’s a very different warband than I’m used to so I’m enjoying the challenge of figuring them out.

My Father’s Service

So, tomorrow at 11am is the funeral service for my dad who passed away in November. I live in Maine, so you can’t do burials at that point until spring.

Also, for obvious reasons, I slacked on getting the service arranged. I just didn’t want to do it. However, the time has come to say goodbye to the man who raised me. I love you, dad.

Mom & Dad
Sorry for the picture of a picture, scanner is busted, but here’s my parents getting married on April 24th, 1976.
Dad and I
My father and I at my wedding September 28th, 2003.

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Congrats on making the finals in your League! I managed to find an online league to join, and even tho it’s just starting, I’m doing better than I expected*, it’s been fun so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes. Those Werewolves look pretty awesome, and that’s gonna be a great Coach Model.

Mollog’s Mob is coming along nicely. I want to put little “flower crowns” but with mushrooms on mine, still trying to figure out exactly how to go about that.

My condolences again for your loss. That sucks to have to wait for months and then bring the matter up again once it’s faded a little, but not enough that it’s easier to deal with.

*Given that everyone else has vastly more BB experience than I do, I was expecting to end up 0-7, but my first game was against Elves, with heavy rain, so it ended up as a scoreless draw, but I was ahead on casualties. Beating expectations like those isn’t that hard ;)

Benito Senence
Benito Senence

Another great season. After the first half I was sure you had the win. Check out the new Bone Golems from WhizKids that’s coming out. Might be what you are looking for.

Rory (Stepping Between Games)

Oh wow, sorry to hear about the burial service being so delayed. I never would have guessed that. Hope it at least helps with some closure.

I am liking the YouTube videos showing off models. Very handy to see them.


Hi Thor. Sorry to come to this so late. Hope everything went well with the funeral for your Dad, my condolences again for your loss. It never gets easier, just the ache duller over time.

Blood bowl team is looking ace! Really like what you have done with them all. That little coach guy will suit them really well :)