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Community Pimp: Pimpin’ Time

Damn near every blog does one of these so I may as well! Seriously, I come across some really good stuff that deserves some additional attention, so here it is.

Delusions of Grandeur: Weapons vs. Fists – Xaereth discusses the differences, other than the obvious, between those two weapons and his views on their best use. He introduces something I had never considered, utilizing different initiative steps to help achieve victory in assault. It’s a good short read so check it out.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Back to Basics – Sci Fi – Dave has a great tutorial that introduces you to an entry level method for painting NMM (non-metallic metals). He and Ron over at From the Warp have been doing this Back to Basics series and the articles are well worth checking out.

Inquisitor Lord Aki: The Alternative Tournament Part I – The Problems With Tournaments – Aki addresses his views on what is wrong with tournaments and turns it into a four part series explaining what he feels is a better format. He’s not just bitching about it, he’s trying to give options. It may not be for everyone but there’s some great ideas in there.

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Thanks for the shout out :) Always a pleasant surprise to get one :P


Yeah man, for sure! Mat Cauthon is probably my favorite character in the fantasy genre, and certainly for Wheel of Time. You read it too?