Community Pimp’n #24

There’s a slight change with Community Pimp’n. Originally it was intended to be weekly, years ago when I started doing this, but that never held up. It then went on hiatus for a while and was revived with the intent of being somewhat bi-weekly. Intentions are great but not often reality. So, Community Pimp’n will be a regular piece but with a fluctuating frequency. Also, hopefully, my other authors will be contributing to this and letting me know their cool finds. That should let the net be tossed wider and have more to pimp each time this goes up. Final note, I’m just going to name these sequentially, IE: #24 this week, because nothing else seems to work well.

Disclaimer aside, it’s time for some pimp’n. These are the cool noteworthy articles I read that I felt I should pass along to my readers. Enjoy!

Castigator’s Chaos: The Colours of Chaos – The Wall of Profligacy

I don’t often see an Aegis Defense Line modified to serve the Dark Gods so when I saw this one I was impressed. Some bits raiding with a Slaanesh color scheme and you have a great looking defense line.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Creating Snow and Ice

Dave shows how he created his awesome snow and ice effects on his Postapocalyptibuggy. It’s a combination of techniques that just looks amazing.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Color Theory Index

This is a series that Dave is starting about, well, color theory. This is the first part in the series and it also appears first on House of Paincakes.

Thin Your Paint!: Flavius Felix, Command Squad Veteran

TheRhino has completed the last model in his Command Squad. It’s a process that has taken him six months to do but they look great.

Warpstone Flux: Capes

Quick post showing some good looking capes you can buy from Anvil Industry.



  • Something to add to this, just because it “just” came out, and it’s really good!

    Photographing Mini’s!

    Hmm i need to figure out a way to favorite this post you just did thor!. (Starts poking with feedly)

    • I saw that just after I hit publish. I figured I’d just toss it into #25 instead :)

      At the top of Disqus here you will see a share and favorite option and favorite will save it to view easily from inside your Disqus account. Of course, you could play with Feedly as well; whatever works ;)

      • Done! I love disqus…omg it’s so much easier. I SHALL COMMENT LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

        • Hands down the best commenting system going. It’s so much better at creating reader engagement than the stale systems that come integrated with blogging platforms.

          • Yeah, I am super pleased weebly integrated it as a default option now…i just wish they had made an announcement. Guess they didn’t want to point out that they fixed their crappy system by using someone elses :).

  • Thanks for the bump :).

  • Thanks for the shout out!

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