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Community Pimp’n #28

I started drafting this over a month ago but I’ve been buried getting ready for the 40K event I’m running tomorrow and just haven’t been able to get this finished. As a result, some of these are from last month but that doesn’t make them any less worth reading. Let’s just dive in.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Graven Games: How to Make Your Own Round Bases for 25/28mm Miniatures Tutorial

This is one of those hobby articles that’s so simple you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. Not only is it simple, it’s extremely practical, cost effective and looks amazing. You’ve got to see these DIY bases.

Thin Your Paint!: Just a Quick Redesign

For those who have been following, I have been doing a successful blogging series over at House of Paincakes. Well, TheRhino took some of my advice and applied it to his blog. I was just happy to see my advice put to use and his redesign looks much better than the previous incarnation of his blog.

House of Paincakes: Thuloid Speaks: Games, Rules and Other People

This is a hard article to break down but I will say it’s a well thought out editorial about the games we play, their rules and people. Much like the title suggests! Go read it.

Space Wolves: The Space Wolves Players Hand Book

Adam asked me to pimp this so here I am pimp’n it! Which reminds me, I will gladly post wargaming community news here for people if you ask me. The point of Community Pimp’n in general is to inform the community.

Now, I’m not a Space Wolves player but Adam has the most popular Space Wolves blog out there. He’s an authority on the army and if he’s put together a handbook for Space Wolves players then I’m sure it’s amazing. I’ve seen nothing but praise for it so far.


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Always love these posts, as the way I view blogs is rather hap hazard

Graven Games

Glad you liked the tutorial, many thanks for sharing it :)


Always enjoy these. It is great to read about blogs and content I may have missed :)


Noted for later, cheers man :)

Joe Baird

Thanks for the post Thor! I now have some new blogs to add to my feedly


Thanks for the interesting reading.