Community Pimp’n #28

I started drafting this over a month ago but I’ve been buried getting ready for the 40K event I’m running tomorrow and just haven’t been able to get this finished. As a result, some of these are from last month but that doesn’t make them any less worth reading. Let’s just dive in.

Graven Games: How to Make Your Own Round Bases for 25/28mm Miniatures Tutorial

This is one of those hobby articles that’s so simple you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. Not only is it simple, it’s extremely practical, cost effective and looks amazing. You’ve got to see these DIY bases.

Thin Your Paint!: Just a Quick Redesign

For those who have been following, I have been doing a successful blogging series over at House of Paincakes. Well, TheRhino took some of my advice and applied it to his blog. I was just happy to see my advice put to use and his redesign looks much better than the previous incarnation of his blog.

House of Paincakes: Thuloid Speaks: Games, Rules and Other People

This is a hard article to break down but I will say it’s a well thought out editorial about the games we play, their rules and people. Much like the title suggests! Go read it.

Space Wolves: The Space Wolves Players Hand Book

Adam asked me to pimp this so here I am pimp’n it! Which reminds me, I will gladly post wargaming community news here for people if you ask me. The point of Community Pimp’n in general is to inform the community.

Now, I’m not a Space Wolves player but Adam has the most popular Space Wolves blog out there. He’s an authority on the army and if he’s put together a handbook for Space Wolves players then I’m sure it’s amazing. I’ve seen nothing but praise for it so far.


  • Always love these posts, as the way I view blogs is rather hap hazard

    • Maybe hap hazard but you’re damn near everywhere! Almost always without fail I’ll go post a comment somewhere on an article that’s like 5 minutes old and you’ve already commented. Is reading blogs your full time job? ;)

      • Usually in the morning, i hit up the blog rolls and open everything in a tab, and browse over the day when I have a minute. Right now I’m waiting on a system deployment, as I finished setting everything up, but the user isn’t in their office at the scheduled time. Killin time by blogin!

        • I hear ya. I do the same sort of thing except for me it’s reading between breaks in programming because my brain hurts too much to continue at that point or I’ve hit a roadblock.

          What is it you do for work?

          • I carefully raise computers into a loving and stable environment, and tell them they will live happy fulfilling lives,. Then I hand them over to users. I’m a monster.

  • Glad you liked the tutorial, many thanks for sharing it :)

    • Well worth sharing. I’ll be using that technique when I can focus on my army again in the next few weeks. I’m sure I’ll get some shots of my progress up here then as well.

  • Always enjoy these. It is great to read about blogs and content I may have missed :)

    • Thanks. They’re fun to put together and I always enjoying driving traffic to smaller blogs like us instead of those big juggernaut blogs that spew useless crap.

      • Lol yeah some/most of it is just utter garbage on those juggers. I used to visit them quite often but now I fill my reading with much better blogs (like yours :) )

        • I appreciate the compliment.

          I also stopped reading that trash a while ago. Good articles were nearly impossible to come by. Most of them were either just reporting rumors or catering to a crowd I’m not a part of, competitive gaming. Once I stopped reading that shit my appreciation of the game increased and I just played the game, not the internet meta version of the game.

          • Yes! It is amazing how it can warp our perception of how the game should be played. I went through a real negative pase a while ago, and realised a lot of it was fed from negativity from reading comments or articles that were really running the game down or playing in a way that was not natural to me. I think sometimes the vocal minority can really drive a certain viewpoint of a game, and it ends up being the way everyone thinks it should be played, when it is not. The game should be played the way we want it to be, competitive or narrative, or a bit of both.

            • Very well said.

            • Agree completely! What is a real shame is some of the sites have really just dived into nothing more then non stop click baiting. Bols used to be a site I used for the blog roll, and now that is even broken as well. And then rob over at spikey bits started doing the same thing. Aggravating.

              • Those sites have just lost their focus. Instead of producing quality content they become concerned with traffic and trying to cash in on ads. I can’t blame them for the latter, we’d all love to make cash doing what we love, but when it comes at the cost of quality and value of the site then it’s just not worth it

                • That is something I don’t really understand though, as ad traffic revenue is so much less these days then 5+ years ago. I recently had to do a lot of research on web trends for the website for my department (to argue out of date information is useless and doesn’t need to be online period).

                  One of the articles pointed out that just putting a few ads on a website, severely destroys your web traffic. (especially if they are at the top). I just don’t see the points of ads and such anymore. Every machine I setup has ad blockers by default just due to security/mal-ware concerns.

                  Engagement is WAY more important then traffic or hits :)

                  • You would be surprised about ads. As someone who runs them, has done extensive research on them and seen very traffic heavy sites use them, the results aren’t as poor as you would think.

                    Many block them, no argument there, but ultimately that helps the ad service, at least with Google. Google pays by CTR (click through rate = traffic / clicks). If your ads aren’t shown because of blockers then your traffic is lower and then when someone does click you have a higher CTR. The higher CTR gives you a bigger payout.

                    A few ads destroying traffic is bogus. It’s not how many ads you have, or necessarily where you place them in the general sense, it’s whether or not you can incorporate them into your site without being obtrusive that matters.

                    I agree that ad payout isn’t what it once was but that being said, my boss runs a site that gets seasonal traffic. At peak season he makes around $50 a day and his best day was $650. You do the math on that ;)

                    • Very interesting info! Thanks for sharing! I got my information off a variety of web trends sites, so who knows how valid it actually is. Always good to have actual feedback on that type of stuff!

                    • 73% of people know you can make anything up on-the-job. There is so much untold that it’s hard to know which website it right. I don’t think that a couple of unobtrusive ads would kill your traffic, but plastering the site with ads would tick off your readers. As they say, “content is king”.

                    • There’s also the important factor that no two sites are the same. There are so many factors like type of traffic, demographic, intent of site, etc., that play into how ads work on a site. There’s more to it than just the placement of them or the fact you even have them.

                    • This is why I click on the ads ont the sites of my fellow bloggers, it might help them a little down the line.

  • Noted for later, cheers man :)

  • Thanks for the post Thor! I now have some new blogs to add to my feedly

    • Good to hear. That’s why I enjoy doing this, to bring forward some blogs others may not be aware of. We all have to support one another.

  • corrm

    Thanks for the interesting reading.

    • Glad you enjoyed it.

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