Community Pimp’n #31

I started drafting this pimp’n in August and then real life hit and I haven’t had a ton of time lately to check out all the new stuff from my fellow bloggers that I’d like to. Still, I found a few more great articles to add to the list that are recent to mix in with the old. Enjoy.

Objective Secured: Dark Eldar Beast Pack

NafNaf has been showcased here a lot and that’s because he creates some amazing stuff. His Dark Eldar are a fully converted army, which takes a ton of time. Well, here’s a great shot showing all of his hard work on his Beast Pack and it’s awesome.Carnival

Age of Sigmar Guide

Tyler contacted me early last month about an Age of Sigmar guide he was putting together. In the guide he included Frank’s review of AoS. This is a great resource for those interested in AoS and it has a ton of links to many great articles on the game.

Technasma: Let There Be Blood! Blanchitsu Daemon

This is a blog I recently came across from Twitter and they have a lot of really great stuff to look at. The Bloodletter here is awesome. It’s a big deviation from what you typically see but the color choices all work really well together to create a well composed piece.

Blanchitsu: Khorne Bloodletter

House of Paincakes: Painting True-Metallic Metals (TMM)

Dave paints some awesome stuff but he also does a lot for the community and creates some very informative tutorials. This tutorial on True Metallic Metals is the first in a series he’s doing and it’s a great start to what will be a great series.

Greggles Tabletop: Blogger Painting Event: DreadTober! (All Bloggers Invited)

The blogging community has come together to create an event for October, DreadTober. Greggles explains how it works but basically you paint up a Dreadnought and show it off. It’s a fun event with ton of people participating to check it out.


  • Technasma

    Thanks for the feature mate, it’s really great that you want to share our work :)

    • No problem. Bloggers helping bloggers is what it’s about.

  • Arg, so much going on.. I don’t think I can commit to (or afford tbh) to do Dreadtober :(

    • Yeah I can’t manage it either but I’m looking forward to seeing all the entries.

    • We do have a fellow kitbashing and scratch ubilding the dreads. It’s just an excuse to paint walkers, cause everyone loves walkers :)

      • I just wish the Helbrute held up better but I still use them anyway because big giant robots are cool.

  • Thanks for the shoutout Thor :)

    Some great articles to check out here

    • Gladly. Keep creating cool stuff and I’ll keep pimp’n you.

    • Yeah. Because clowns aren’t disturbing enough, ya bugger.

  • Dreadtober! More then meets the claw!

  • ming2005

    Ooh! Ooh! I have a dread to build!

    • Jump on in on the fun then!

  • Wooh Dreadtober! Mine is well on the way and I am going to push my GS skills on it.

    As ever Thor a nice selection of things to read.

    • Nice. I need to get another Helbrute but I won’t have the chance to in time for this. Looking forward to your creation.

      • First pics of mine are up on my blog. Shame you won’t get the chance to join in.

        • Between work and the hospital with my father-in-law, free time is hard to come by.

          • Best wishes man.

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