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Spectre StudioSpectre Studios is a group of gamers whose aim is to produce great gaming videos for various gaming systems. It also happens to be setup by a bunch of local gamers in my area, Maine. You may recall seeing some of their videos here in the past.

Well, they are aiming to reach 100 subscribers and are doing a give-away once they do. This is what Spectre Senence has to say:


We have made a serious push to add content and although I don’t get out to hobby shops as much as I like, I’m still trying to put up Battle Reports. We are tackling some different games and we want to reward our Subscribers once we hit 100. It’s old but the X-wing starter set which is still valuable and we want to give one away. {Been sitting on it for a while}

However lately we are about to hit 80 Subscribers so if anyone here is interested or would like just to help out, please follow the link on the page to Spectre Studios and Subscribe. It all helps our videos get out there and find the people that look for gaming entertainment.

Go check them out. Odds are you’ll find some videos you’re interested in. Remember to subscribe as well and you might win a cool prize.

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Spectre Senence

Thanks for this, we really want to be out there entertaining those as passionate about gaming as myself. Please help out