Creative Twilight is One Year Old!

One year ago I started this site promoting commission painting. In the course of a year much has changed here. In that time I’ve only done commission work for two clients, one client came back for another round, and I’m in the process of doing work for a third client. With not much to post about regarding commission work I began posting some of my 40K ramblings and have really since become hooked on it. There are a lot of great 40K blogs out there but I figured I’d try and carve myself a niche if I could. I haven’t quite gotten there yet but I’m working on it and I don’t give up easy. I have a lot to learn about blogging still and hopefully some day my writing and articles here will match my passion for 40K. Also, Kamui, who is a personal friend of mine, is posting articles here too. He hasn’t put much up yet but hopefully that will change…right, Kamui? :P

That being said, I’ve been debating phasing out the reason I began this site, commission work, and sticking to my ramblings instead. The fact is that as much as I enjoy the hobby it’s just hard to find time to work on things for other people when you hardly have time to work on your own stuff. My information on commission work plainly states that I’m not the speediest service out there, I work a full-time job, but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling bad when I can’t get paid work done in a manner I feel is timely. Plus, it’s not exactly like I have a huge client list I’d be letting down by this choice either.

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