Daemonettes of Slaanesh Painting Showcase

The Daemonettes are all wrapped up. Not a lot to say about them really. I was aiming for something that looked good on the table top, so no crazy techniques or anything going on.


I’m happy with the results, and honestly how fast I managed to get them done. Well, fast for me anyway. I hate batch painting, I really do, but it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of it.

I’m going to start something different for me, and I’ll give the steps I used to paint the Daemonettes. Someone might be interested, right?

Daemonettes Painting Recipe

  1. Base coat skin with Warpfiend Grey (GW).
  2. Base coat hair and claws with Xerous Purple (GW).
  3. Drybrush hair with Daemonette Hide (GW).
  4. Drybrush hair with Genestealer Purple (GW).
  5. Base coat leather and claws with black. Also, pick out the eyes in black.
  6. Base coat metal areas with Runefang Steel (GW).
  7. Wash everything with Leviathan Purple (GW), but be careful to not let it pool too much on the metal. Aim for tinting.
  8. Blend, or layer if you prefer, the skin with Warpfiend Grey, leaving the wash in the recesses.
  9. Blend the skin with Slaanesh Grey (GW), again leaving the previous layers visible. Mostly just hitting the brighter spots on the model.
  10. Highlight the black with Cold Grey (Vallejo).
  11. Highlight the hair with Genestealer Purple.

I know it seems like a lot of steps for something table top, but it all goes very quickly, except blending/layering the skin, and even that isn’t bad considering. Hell, if someone wanted to save time, you could call it a day after you wash the skin in step #7. They’d be darker than what you see of course.

Daemonettes of Slaanesh
Someone else took this shot at a tournament with a better setup than I have.

The End

Now, it’s time to work on the Chaos Knight Titan. That model is going to take me forever to paint, but it’s going to be a nice change from batch painting 10 models.

  • Fantastic work Thor! Suggestion! Pick a few of them and give us some close up shots!

    • Thanks.

      I meant to do that, single out a few, but then completely forgot when I got things setup. I’ll try to get to that in the next few days.

    • OK, I singled out two of them. I really need to use a better camera though :(

  • They look awesome. Great job dude. Love the basing too.

    Echo what Greg said about the close ups of the minis

    • Thank you.

      I’m pretty happy with my snow basing technique. This is probably the…4th version of it, but I think I’ve finally got it figured out :)

    • I took some shots of two of them. Quality is lacking though.

  • Great work on those man, really goes beyound table top quality. Hope they serve you well on the battlefield.

    As a bonus we are now going to see your take on the Knight :)

    • They’ve done well for me overall. Some games they get nuked, others they rampage. For a 90pt unit, I can live with it. They threaten nearly anything on the field, which is always great.

      • Especially if you summon them in ;)

        • They are even better for free :)

  • They look great Thor. I find Daemonettes a real chore to paint (unlike you I don’t like painting their skin), so I might give your recipe a try as I still have 30 to paint.

    • Thanks.

      You could go straight to the Slaanesh Grey and wash that; the Slaanesh Grey being the brightest color on there. That would tone it down to around the mid-tone you see on the models.

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