Daemonettes of Slaanesh: Paint in Progress #2

Still early work on these ladies, but it’s some significant progress from the first update where I had only base coated the skin.

Daemonettes of Slaanesh - PIP #2

The black is picked out on the models, and the hair and claws are all dry brushed. I need to pick out the metal next, do cleanup, and then it all gets a purple wash. From there I have to blend up the skin. The skin is where I decided to spend my time. Even with faster paced work like this, I still like to have a focal point, and for me it made sense to have that be the skin on the Daemonettes. Of course, that’s also the largest area to paint too, so that step will take a bit. Again, the right Daemonette is the finished one that I did a test run on.

Anyway, almost on to the fun stages where things start looking more like the end result and less bland and boring. It will very likely be a few more weeks before I have the Daemonettes done with life factored in.

In other hobby news, I got the magnets for my Chaos Knight Titan the other week. I got everything magnetized that I plan on magnetizing. I had also primed the top carapace that I had so many issues with, and the primer took right to it thankfully. The big thing I need to do now with the Knight is get the basing worked out. I have some ideas, and I picked up the last of the materials I need for it this week. Not sure when I’ll get around to the base, maybe when wash is drying on Daemonettes, but once I do it’s then on to priming everything up and getting some paint down.

Update: They’re done. Check out the Daemonettes painted.

  • Solid progress. I still marvel at you folks who can add basing after a model is fully painted. Nerves of steel! Lol.

    • I’m so used to it that I don’t even consider it. For me, it’s because the sand I put down gets a wash and then a quick dry brush; simple. The other way would mean base coating the sand, and probably two layers of dry brushing. It saves me a step by just being a bit careful :)

      • Brennan Barni

        I think I would lose my mind basing my models after already painting them, I’d be so nervous. Nerves of steel is right, haha

        • Once you’ve done a few hundred, it’s not a big deal ;)

    • I’m with you Rhino. I do the bases first to get me motivated. In a few cases I’ve had to remove to swap bases later, and was terrified even doing that!

      • Basing is a motivator, and I enjoy it, so I save it for last is all :)

        • Eisenwolf

          Nee too. I love making the bases for my models. It’s like making the icing on the cake 😉

          • That’s a really great way to put it :)

  • Looking good so far Thor.

    • Thanks. Just wish I had more time to wrap them up sooner.

  • Looking gooood :). Always enjoy painting flesh, so I usually try to keep it as a reward for some horrible batch painting session I have had to endure :D

    • I really like painting skin as well. Definitely another reason I decided to take my time on that part of the model. It’s also my last step, so also kind of a reward for the rest of the batch painting fun ;)

  • Berman

    Always good to get work done on models. Will be cool to see you field more daemons in your forces.

    • I’ve always envisioned Chaos as a mix of Marines and Daemons. I think there’s a great synergy there, and of course it’s perfectly fluffy. So, I just keep slowly building up that Daemon component.

  • Castigator

    The sweet song of Our Lady draws you ever closer to Her side brother! These are looking great, keep up the good work.
    P.S. Have you changed something on your Blog? It’s taking an age for it to load up on my laptop.

    • Seems my email reply didn’t work…

      Thanks. These are much more interesting to paint than the Bloodletters.

      I’m always changing stuff. I actually removed a bunch of stuff, but I did clear the site cache, and that takes a bit to rebuild, and makes your first visit after really slow. Curious if it’s still slow now for you or resolved? I am also trying a different ad network.

      • Castigator

        Yeah, it’s quicker now.
        For some reason my laptop really struggles with a site that has a few ads…and it it hates anything that uses flash player.

        • Flash needs to die. Nothing runs Flash well. It’s an antiquated technology.

  • Excited to see more of the knight :). Daemonettes are coming along nicely!

    • Thanks.

      I really can’t wait to do some work on the Knight. It’s a damn daunting kit, but I’m going to have fun with it.

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